Overwhelmed and Proud.

After last weeks somewhat “Woe is me” type confessional I thought I’d better cheer things up around here, which is great because I’ve actually had an amazing week and mostly it is down to you lot.

I have been totally overwhelmed with the response I received to last weeks blog post. I’ve received dozens of private messages of support as well as the very kind ones that have been left on here, facebook and twitter. I was just blown away by the level of support, you’ve all had a big influence on keeping me determined this week and bringing my mood back up from crap to “Come ON !”


Ok so that’s the overwhelmed done and dusted, so why proud?

Two things really. Firstly I’m very proud of all my friends and clubmates from the mighty COLT who raced so well at Ironman UK, two of whom qualified for Kona. There were so many brilliant performances at all levels, just proving once again that I belong to a very strong club. Well done everyone.

Secondly, was the fact that my younger brother Craig made his England debut this weekend. We all travelled down to South Wales to watch him compete at the UK 100km championships. I’m very proud of him, he ran brilliantly and did very well to pick up a silver medal. Insane when you think that it came down to a minute in the end from 1st to 2nd. Five minutes after the pre-race massage he was already thinking how he could improve for next year. It was so hot and people were having all sorts of problems because of it, I have so much respect for everyone that competed. Ultra running looks bloody tough!

So there you go, a cracking week and I’ll report later this week how my new exercise and diet regime have been going. Needless to say I’m a happy Holgs 🙂


One response to “Overwhelmed and Proud.

  1. Keep up the good work Andy! x

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