Over but not out…

My comeback year ( I seem to have had a few of them ) from my shoulder surgery is now done and confined to the annals of history. It ended at the end of September with a outing at the Fleetwood Sprint.


It was a fun day out shared with a great group of mates, the horrendous wind on the seafront made biking conditions very harsh and leg draining. Still what you lost in one direction you kind of gained back in the other direction.

The best part of the race was the run, my legs were dead to start with but they woke up going into mile 2 and by mile 3 I was proper shifting for me. It was satisfying to end the day running a negative split 5km. Overall I was 4 minutes slower than I had been in 2011 but I’ll take that at this stage of my fitness. Back then I was injury free and a lot lighter.

I loved racing ‘short stuff’ again this year, actually after the previous 2 years since the crash at Ironman UK 2014 I just loved racing again. The Fylde trilogy has sold out for next year – insane that sprint races sell out within a few hours a year in advance. I haven’t entered as a couple of the dates clashed with other commitments I have.

I genuinely have nothing pencilled in for next year, I will be spending the winter months building up my fitness and working on shedding timber. I am loving running at the moment and I think that’s where my focus will be next year, with a possible longer triathlon thrown in but only if I get down to race weight to do myself justice.

My running is improving and I couldn’t be happier. At Lancaster parkrun on Saturday I took another 30 seconds off my pb to finish in 26:02. It’s a very hilly course and as a big lad, hills bloody hurt. I put myself in the red this weekend and if I had actually eaten by that point in the day I would have┬áseen my food again. It hurt in a good way. At the start of the year my pb was 29:18, I set the personal target of getting down to 25 minutes with in a year. I’m edging closer to that, and am confident I can find those 3 seconds in the coming months.

Watch this space.