Losing the Nutella

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while, a combination of being sidelined with a heavy cold and being up to my eyeballs in writing some book about triathlon. Busy, busy, busy.

Well after the Outlaw I decided that I’d take a month off from running to go my poor battered legs a bit of time to recover. It was quite difficult as I love running, if I was only allowed to do one sport from tomorrow onwards that would be the one I’d chose. As much as I love the bike, it comes a close second.

So on Tuesday this week I gingerly stepped out in my lunch hour to run a couple of laps of campus. I was surprised at how strong I felt despite the enforced rest, maybe I felt strong because of it? I completed the 2.6 mile circuit in 22.16 at an average pace of 8.30 min miling.
This is encouraging and gives me something to build on, I’ve set myself the goal that by my 40th birthday in November I’ll be going sub 20 minutes for the two loops. You’ve got to have small goals as well as the big ones.

Yesterday also saw me out running at lunchtime with my mate Simon. He is getting pretty quick lately and running strong as he prepares for a 10 mile race this Sunday. We’d agreed on a gentle run but it didn’t quite work out that way. Chatting away easily and running without what seemed like much effort we did the first mile in 7.57. We decided to slow down as we hit the narrow path along the A6 for the next mile. I tucked in behind Simon and followed his heels. Again it felt fast but not “throw up fast”, which was surprising as we banged out an even quicker mile in 7.38.
I had no idea I was capable of running that fast. The final mile we really slowed down as there was a bit of a hill and we forced ourselves to be sensible. We ended up covering the 3 miles in 24.55, an average of 8.18 a mile. Again really encouraging as I want to get my short speed back up to scratch for the Fleetwood sprint triathlon at the end of September.

Unfortunately last night I went swimming at the COLT coached session and swam awful. I just couldn’t get my breath at all, my cold still lingering. Maybe should have stayed at home and done some writing.

In other news I’ve lost 11 pounds in two weeks after radically changing the way I eat. Now I know some of that will be retained water, but hopefully some of it will be excess fat. I’m hoping that I’ve minimised muscle loss by adding in strength training to my weekly training.

This is what an 11 pound jar of Nutella looks like, I’ve just stopped carrying one of them around. A few more to go yet…

There’s no magic formula, just sensible, natural eating. I’m not eating any processed food, no grains, dairy, sugars etc.. So bread, yoghurt, pasta, rice, cereal have all been eliminated. I’m only eating lean meat, fish, eggs, fruit, nuts and loads of veggies. When I first saw the plan I thought it would be awful but I’m loving it, I’m eating veggies that I would have turned my nose up like a toddler a few weeks ago.

I’ve never felt fuller, stronger or more alert, and I’ve never eaten so much in all my life. Now I’m realistic, I know that things will slow down, I’m going to have weeks where I don’t lose anything. Those weeks will be tough, as I’ll have to stay mentally strong. I’m so determined to make this work, that I’ve not cheated or even been tempted to cheat, and trust me we have a house full of all the things I can’t eat. I think the key for once is that I don’t actually feel deprived as I’m constantly full. The other thing is I’m drinking loads where as in the past I didn’t. Apparently our brains send the same signal for hunger and dehydration, and so in the past after a weekend long ride I’d come back and have cereal and loads of toast and maybe a coffee, and mistake the lack of fluid for hunger. Now if I feel hungry I have a large glass of water and wait ten minutes, usually the feeling has gone, if it remains a handful of nuts does the job.

So it’s a great start on the road to a new me, it’s going to be a long road with a few nasty corners and some potentially damaging potholes but the finish line at the end of it will be as rewarding as any featuring the words “You are an Ironman.”


23 responses to “Losing the Nutella

  1. keep up the good work holgs the weight will shifted in no time the amount you train i changed my diet and started training about a month ago ready for ironman uk 2013 thanks to a combination of an arse of a best mate and picking up your book I’ve lost over a stone already .With fleetwood looking like being my 1st tri if i can get the all clear off the physio ( I to have crap knees) make sure you give us a nod everytime you lap me ill be the guy at the back blowing out of his arse

    • Well done on the wight loss, that’ll certainly help your dodgy knee as well 🙂
      Fingers crossed then for the all clear.
      Please give me a shout if you see me at Fleetwood, always cool to put a face to a reader if you know what I mean.
      Oh and I won’t be lapping anyone, don’t worry about that.

  2. Hi mate,
    I read your book and loved it. Reminds me of me, but I’m not an ironman yet. Though at 52 years and now under 14 stone for the first time as long as I can remember, I’m getting there. I did the Nantwich tri in may and booked in for Leeds tri (first attempt at open water) in September. Thanks to you my friend, I’m living the dream. Looking forward to the next book.
    Thank you. Wayne. (Plodderman)

    • Hi Wayne,
      So glad that you enjoyed the book, thanks for letting me know 🙂
      Well done on the sub 14 stone, that’s what I’m striving for AND very well done on Nantwich. Good luck for Leeds, stay relaxed in the OW and you’ll be fine. Hope it goes well – please let me know.

  3. 11 lbs down is major! And you are going about it in the right way, great job. That will bring about more speed too. Great job, Andy!! Keep it up!!

  4. debbie pentland

    Well Done Andy . I bet you do feel good now you`ve ditched the junk for good old natural foods Only eat what your Grand Parents would recognise is always my motto They did`nt know what an additive was? A good fb page for healthy recipes is BE LIVE check it out. Keep up the good work on the book looking forward to it.x

  5. Good work. I need to do the same, I don’t know how many years I can put myself through endless training sessions with disappointing weight loss.

    So many people have told me its 80% diet… Time I started to listen, good to know a little more detail about whats in and out .


    • Keep at it, don’t get disheartened. I know it’s difficult but you’ll get there. Having seen the results and understanding the changes I’ve made I would agree with the 80% diet quote. Over the years I’ve trained hard but made only small losses, obviously eating too much. Makes changes to my diet at a time when my training violume is very low because of writing has seen me make huge losses, there has to be something in that.
      Good luck Scott.

  6. Hi Andy. Always find your blog inspirational. Surprised you are finding the diet easy, with what you have explained. I bet you need to be super organised with it. Great work. This entry has had one particular effect on me. I really fancy nutella :-).
    Andy Rudd

  7. Well done again on the weight loss – what a star! Keep on keeping on and you will get there. Natural food is best and cutting out grains and potatoes is what’s worked for me. Don’t be disheartened or despondent if loss slows down or you plateau, it’s all part of the process. Well done you! X

    • Thanks pet as always for all your support. I’m drawing inspiration from all that you have achieved over the last couple of years. You are an amazing example of what can be done with a new attitude to food and training. Thanks x

  8. Good work. I’ll add lose weight to the list.

    Any chance you can have a look at my new Iron blog – http://fatdanironman.wordpress.com/ – I’m just starting of on a year of pain? Joy.

  9. Hi Andy

    I have been where you have been and know the journey. I lost 4 stone on a C4 reality TV show a few years back and have been able to keep it off and lose more but with some fluctuations!

    I started doing sprint Tri’s last year and am now aiming for a full Ironman in Autumn next year somewhere so love reading your BLOG and the book. Very inspirational indeed.

    Your extra weight will fall off in no time I am sure and how you managed to compete in Ironman is amazing given the extra weight. You really are a machine!!!

    • Hi David,
      Wow massive congratulations on such a significant change in your life, that must feel great. The weight loss and the triathlons are something I bet the old you didn’t think was possible?
      Cool that you are thinking of doing an Ironman. Good luck with all the training and if you ever need any advice drop me an email.
      I don’t know about a machine but I’m a stubborn git and that certainly helps to drag my sorry carcass around 140.6 miles.

      • Hi Andy

        I will send you an email for sure. I actually own a book publishing company and am doing a book on health/fitness and weighty loss at the moment and mention your book and this BLOG in it as a source of inspiration. What is your email address? Mine is david @ oliver-cameron.com

  10. Any chance of any sample meal ideas please? Would love to incorporate something new into my eating

    • Hi Jay,
      Will psot something on the blog once I finish book 2, I’ll have more time then. If you send me a message on twitter with your email addy I can send you a pdf of it all.
      Cheers mate,

  11. Andy,
    I’ve been reading your book and was inspired enough to seek out your blog. I am a former sprint/Olympic distance triathlete but have always been heavy. Thanks to chemo, a bad divorce, and a knee injury I haven’t participated in sustained training for many years. Two months ago I started swimming again after losing 65 pounds. I hope to participate in a triathlon next spring if my oncologist says it’s ok. I’ve been inspired and entertained by your story so far. The down side is that I now use words like “knackered” and “dodgy”, and I live in Florida! Keep on writing and tri-ing, Andy!

    • Hi Barb,

      Love it, you are the second American that I know of that has started using Knackered and Dodgy, always nice to influence my cousins across the pond.
      Well done on the weight loss, that’s a huge amount. Wow I’m seriously impressed.
      I hope you get the all clear from the oncologist, my sincerest best wishes for that battle.
      One of my favourite places in the world the sunshine state, so nice to hear from a resident.

      Good luck.

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