The most boring blog in the world.

This will be a short blog as I’ve spent the last month being boring. ( cue the comments about me always being boring )

I’ve not fallen over.
I’ve not injured myself.
I’ve not had surgery.
I’ve not been ill.
I’ve not been involved in any drama what so ever.

Given how 2017 was going this news is nothing short of miraculous, I’ve probably jinxed myself now – we’ll see.

I’ve run lots, I’ve had fun and I’ve remained intact.

Life is good, training is good – I’m basically just a boring bastard with nothing to report.



3 responses to “The most boring blog in the world.

  1. That’s exactly how I’m hoping ironman Hamburg will go – no trips, fall, incidents, accidents, no lost teeth or shoes, dog attacks, cracked ribs, asthma attacks !!
    I too just want a really boring normal race 🏁!

  2. Ray Smith (Ironsmigs)

    Hi Andy
    well thanks to you I got round Ironman UK
    I am now Ironsmigs for real
    Thanks for writing THAT book
    Best regards

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