My Race Record

This is a record of all my races that I’ve competed in since my first triathlon.

Date Event Finishing Time
August 2006 Cockerham Sprint Triathlon 1:16:10
March 2007 Liverpool Half Marathon 1:44:33
April 2007 Skipton Sprint Triathlon 1:22:02
June 2007 Chester Deva Olympic Triathlon 2:39:39
July 2007 Cleveland Steelman Triathlon 6:04:48
September 2007 The Big Woody 13:04:15
September 2007 Disney World Olympic Triathlon 4:15:25
April 2008 Hamburg Marathon 4:13:25
June 2008 Le Terrier 7:20
July 2008 Cleveland Steelman Triathlon 5:35:37
August 2008 Macclesfield Sprint Triathlon 1:33:25
September 2008 Cross Bay Run 1:36:15
September 2008 Nantwich Sprint Triathlon 1:14:44
October 2008 The Cat & the Fiddle 3:42
November 2008 Hellrunner 1:55:58
May 2009 The Struggle 4:38
May 2009 Nantwich Sprint Triathlon 1:11:23
July 2009 Ironman Germany 12:57:21
April 2010 London Marathon 4:13:05
August 2010 The Outlaw 14:17:48
May 2011 St Annes Sprint Tri 1:20:25
June 2011 Capernwray Sprint Tri 1:22:35
August 2011 Ely Monster Middle Tri 7:29:42
September 2011 Fleetwood Sprint Tri 1:13:24
May 2012 Ironman Lanzarote 15:50:29
July 2012 The Outlaw 14:29:32
December 2012 Ulverston 10k 46:35

28 responses to “My Race Record

  1. I’m thinking of entering the Skipton Tri (pool swim =warm water!) Have you entered yet I couldn’t see you on the list?

  2. Go on fella! Fair play to you Andy, you’re a braver man than I am, though I must admit, reading your blog has inspired me somewhat! Nice to see you are still supporting the striders… (but haven’t you moved away from Barrow now?)

  3. Cheers Mark, don’t know if braver is the correct word…

    Yeah I still run for the Striders, and am second claim with Garstang who I train with. I’m living in Lancaster now.

  4. Hi – I met a Pirate, Grant Berthold on the bus into Nice airport this morning. He ran Nice as number 1915, and we have a great photo of him finishing. Can you contact him with my email, or ask him to contact me so I can send him the photo?

  5. Have sent him your details Paul.

  6. I searched for ‘Triathlon Photos’ and found your site – well done!

  7. Just bought your book andy its a great read mate. good luck for next year i’m doing IM germany looking forward to it

  8. Just reading your book again for the second time. Bearing in mind I only read it two months ago!!! I think it is such a good book and I seem to be able to relate to it a lot (especially the swimming!!!) and even though I came last in my first triathlon. I am definitely going to come back stronger next year.

    • Hope you enjoyed the book second time round. Great attitude about triathlon, I’ve no doubt that you WILL come back stronger. Work on your weaknesses over the winter and come the summer you’ll be on top form.
      Good luck with the training.

  9. Hi Andy
    Half way through your book which I am thoroughly enjoying as a fellow big fella-6 foot 7 and 17.5 stone. Not a natural triathlete but better than the 20+ stone version a few years ago.
    Your book has inspired me to move up from Olympic and do my first half IM this year. Wondered if you had any kids yet and if so how you fit family and work around the training. Any tips welcome , especially if they keep my girls happy!

    • Hi Simon,
      Glad you are enjoying the book so far.
      Well done on slimming down and taking up triathlon, and really cool that you are making your half debut this year. Which one are you doing?
      I have a wonderful 14 month old daughter called Charlotte, spending time with her ( and Emma, my wife ) makes training difficult.
      1. Have an understanding wife.
      2. Try and train early in the morning ( especially at weekends ) so that you get home and can spend the day with the family.
      3. Train later at night as well once the kids are in bed – good for fitting in turbo, swims or shorter runs.
      4. Use your work commute to train if you can? Go on the bike, get off the train one stop earlier and run in if you have changing facilities.
      5. Use your lunch hour to train.
      6. Make sure you treat the family to something like a day out / holiday once your ‘A’ race is done and dusted.

      There are probably lots more, but they are what I can think of off the top of my head.
      If you need any more advice email me

      Good luck.

  10. Just read your book on holiday and so inspired. Got back yesterday and despite the jet lag I ran 10km today (and that’s a biggy for me and my short legs!). Thanks Andy 😊

  11. Just finished your book, loved it, thanks for a funny, inspiring read – how about a race results update though?

  12. Hey, I am travelling to Canada to do the Toronto triathlon in 6 weeks and your book is helping me loads! I have to train on my own and listening to Chariots of Fire theme tune and reading your book is giving me the extra enthusiasm to get through it! Inspirational stuff with a great honest style of writing. Looking forward to the new book if I survive!

  13. Hi Andy,
    I just bought your book at the weekend because I’ve found myself in a very similar situation. I weight about the same as you did before you did your first triathalon and stupidly agreed to do Tough Mudder. I’d become a little bit despondent with my training but you’ve definitely spurred me on and I’m only on chapter 3. Cheers mate

  14. Kirsten Howells

    Hi Andy

    I just finished your book this weekend and wanted to let you know I loved it. You even had me crying close to the end; I was spurring you on from the sofa to finish IM Frankfurt!

    Having done a handful of sprint triathlons over the last two years, I’m attempting Olympic distance this year – my first race will be Southwell sprint on May 5th and then Little Beaver on 9th June followed by Castle Howard in July. I’m sure there will be more…if my coach and training partners have anything to do with it!

    This time last year I couldn’t swim front crawl. I used to swim for my school growing up but it was always backstroke, so turning around to face the bottom of the pool has been a big challenge. But, with the help of my friend, IM and fully qualified swim coach, Jono, I’m now swimming up to 3000m each session which I have to keep pinching myself to believe! I seem to spend half the week in the water nowadays 🙂

    You’re absolutely right when you say anything is possible. It really is. And, even though I will probably be the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life on the morning of June 9th, I will swim 1500m in the lake at Belvoir Castle, I will bike 40km and I will run 10km because so many people will have helped me get to that point. I will not let them down. I will finish and I will have a big smile on my face. And I will want to do it all over again!

    Take care and thanks again, you’re an inspiration!

  15. Hi Andy!
    I would like to start off by saying well done with all your achievements! I am currently reading your first book not even half way through yet but it is already inspiring me to improve my fitness and complete some half marathons/ marathons and possibly a ironman challenge in the years to come! XD
    You have done so well you really are an inspiration! Take care and keep up the great work! 😀

  16. Hi Andy
    I have just completed your first book and found it really inspirational and it has completely altered the way I look at triathlon. My son is an elite youth (14-16) and competes in the national super series and also competes in adult sprints (his times are sickening normally around the hour mark with a time of 58 min 33 sec at Southwell Sprit Tri aged 14). As such I have always looked at triathlon as a competitive sport and what it takes to win. Your book tells a different and important story, one of the human challenge that anyone can take on without being an elite athlete. I have started to train and hope to compete in my first sprint event in October, in the full knowledge that my son will love demolishing my time in all three disciplines, and mock me for squeezing into a tri suit. You’re a true inspiration…keep up the great writing and training.

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for leaving a comment, I’m so glad that you enjoyed my first book.
      Wow your son is seriously impressive, good luck to him.
      Good luck to you for your first sprint, I hope the training is going well and that the tri-suit isn’t too bad.

  17. Hi Andy and greetings from the colony across the big pond. I have really enjoyed your books and blog. Keep inspiring us with your words and thoughts. You have a lot of fans in Canada. Hopefully we will see you some day at an IM here.

    • Hi Evan,

      Nice to hear from you. Cool that you’ve enjoyed the blog and the books. Say hello to everyone in Canada, one of my favourite countries – although I’ve only seen parts of Ontario. Would love to get to Vancouver and Alberta at some point when Charlotte is a bit older.
      Would love to race an IM in Canada.

  18. Andy, most people have probably already said this, but thank you. Your book has been a real eye opener for me. I’m probably starting off from a worse point in terms of weight and fitness level and bit further in terms of a great 2nd marriage and recent arrival of a beautiful baby daughter. She has been my inspiration as I don’t want to be knackered, overweight and (being perhaps melodramatic) not around as she grows up.
    Using social media as a stick, I’m blogging as well on this site and to a lesser extent, on the Triradar Forum. There’s some real supportive people out there. It’s going to take a bit of courage from me though to broadcast this to work colleagues. It’s almost like admitting an addiction.
    Anyway, I’ll stop now as I’m starting to blog on your page!
    Thanks again Andy.

    • Congratulations on the birth of your new daughter. The best feeling in the world being a parent, I love it 😀
      I’m glad that you enjoyed the book.
      Good luck with getting fit and with the blogging.

  19. My husband was given your book for his birthday.He is not someone who reads much! However I loved it and kept telling him bits from it. Finally, I put it in his reading room(the downstairs loo) and yes he has nearly finished it! He now has the bike, the wetsuit and completed his first open swim sprint triathalon today. Hmm now tells me he needs to complete an ironman before he is 50-only one years training to survive.
    I think, its a thank you from the understanding wife.

    • Why don’t you do one? Andy’s book has also inspired me 2 years ago to enter my first tri, and now I’m training for IM Barcelona in October this year. It’s not strictly for IronMEN ya know 😉

  20. My girlfriend gave me your book for Christmas. We both want to do a 70.3 next year, and you are inspirational. We want to thank you, when the going gets tough and we feel like missing a session, I will think of your struggles and get my backside out there!
    All the best

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