A kick up the…

At the start of 2012 I had four pretty significant events lined up to challenge me throughout out the year:

  1. Move House
  2. IronMan Lanzarote
  3. The Outlaw Triathlon
  4. Write a sequel

The first three have all been done with varying levels of success and satisfaction, so all that is left is number four. Quite possibly the hardest and most stressful task of them all, and I didn’t think anything could be more stressful than moving house.

Yes I’ve written a book before, and yes it was mostly received with warmth and enthusiasm by those that read it – which is just brilliant. I was lucky enough to be nominated for a writing award as well. However it hasn’t stopped me questioning the actual need for a sequel. Am I really interesting enough to justify it? Have I actually achieved anything in the three years since Ironman Germany? Do people actually care?
I alluded to my confidence crisis in last weeks blog, probably also fuelled by “post Ironman blues”. I was already feeling down about my athletic performance and then sunk a bit further thinking about my writing, on the back of a couple of bad reviews from people on Amazon. My heart just wasn’t in it last week. I was a miserable git.

Thankfully that wore off and having been given a good supportive and frank talking to from Emma my mood brightened. The positive comments on my blog and on Facebook/Twitter also helped build my confidence. The final kick up the arse came from my friend Tim, who is a New York Times bestselling author, he gave me a lot of perspective about reviews, getting started on a book ( he’s written over 40 ) and how for a debut author, 30+ 5* amazon reviews and an awards nomination is pretty bloody good. Not everyone will like me or my writing, I appreciate that and this is not a “Me, me, ME” self indulgent pity fest, I just don’t like the idea of people of wasting their hard earned money. BUT if we all were the same, all felt the same, and all liked the same the world and life would be pretty boring.

SO I’m writing, it will be finished by the end of October, and will be published in January. I will be working so bloody hard to make this a great book, one that people will read and at least think “I didn’t waste my money there.”

Thanks everyone for your support and for kicking my arse when I needed it. Here, to wet your appetite is the blurb that was given out to buyers in April at London Book Fair about the scond book.

A 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, 26.2 mile run makes the Ironman triathlon one of the hardest one day endurance challenges on the planet. Now take those events and transfer them to a volcanic rock with cruel winds, rough seas, nose bleed inducing hills and temperatures that could melt a man, and you have Ironman Lanzarote. Why then would Andy Holgate, who admittedly has never swam in the sea, can’t cope with the wind, climbs hills like an elephant climbs stairs and melts quicker than an ice cream in a sauna take on such an extreme challenge? Simple: Because he can…..

Last COLT standing ( working title ) continues Andys amazing and inspiring journey from where Can’t Swim,Can’t Ride, Can’t Run finished and chronicles his attempt to complete two Ironman triathlons six weeks apart.

Outlaws, Assassins, Pirates, childbirth, broken bones, broken bikes, nappies, impalement, udder cream, donuts, intensive care, triumph, forceps, tragedy, dangerous drivers, love and more crashes than the financial markets, all play a part in this enthralling story of one man’s quest  to wear as much lycra and rubber as possible in public without getting arrested.

Andy would be in his 40th year in 2012, would it be his last? Will this MAMIL ( Middle aged man in lycra ) really be the last COLT standing? Will it be a triathlon too far, or will he succeed against the odds and live to swim, ride and run another day.


Andy Holgate is 39 years old and lives in Lancaster, England. In 2007 he completed his first Ironman distance race, The Big Woody. He is married to his “Ironwidow” Emma and they have a 14 month old daughter, Charlotte.

Andy’s first book, “Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run” was published in 2011 and was a top 10 sports book in the United Kingdom, and a No.1 Kindle sports book.

Andy was nominated in 2012 for the “Best New Writer” at the British Sports Book Awards, he was the only non journalist / sports star to receive such recognition. When not out training, or writing his blog, you’ll find Andy working as a Librarian at Lancaster University.



15 responses to “A kick up the…

  1. I love the title!! And YES you have lots to share and an indisputable gift for writing and drawing us in….not to mention all the unique mechanical issues you’ve encountered along the way!! Don’t question yourself or this project, just DO it!!

  2. Your first book was the ‘kick up the arse’ that I needed early this year. It was a lighthearted yet inspirational read and it is the reason I have signed up to do Ironman Wales in this my 40th year and first year in triathlon.

  3. Ditto here too Andy … if I hadn’t read your first book I’d still be sitting on the lounge and not training for my first run in 20 odd years. Am also planning to enter my frist Triathlon ever by November this year. I for one will be buying your next book and cannot wait for it to come up.

    Keep up the great work and keep inspiring us buddy !!!!

  4. This is brilliant: “Outlaws, Assassins, Pirates, childbirth, broken bones, broken bikes, nappies, impalement, udder cream, donuts, intensive care, triumph, forceps, tragedy, dangerous drivers, love and more crashes than the financial markets, all play a part in this enthralling story of one man’s quest to wear as much lycra and rubber as possible in public without getting arrested.”
    Can’t wait to read it mate!

  5. Andy, for goodness sake, pick up a pen (or use a keyboard) and indulge yourself, so that we can indulge ourselves!
    Think of the money and the new shiny things you can buy…you must need a new bike by now? 😉

  6. I’d buy that for a dollar! Well more actually. You still have a great story to tell Holgs, about the fabulous sport that is triathlon (remember it’s still a minority sport) about the characters and craziness that go with it. And the inspiration that is you, an ordinary family guy going out and doing something pretty darn amazing, training, working and putting everything on the line. Bet you recruit some new crazies along the way too.

  7. Your first book inspired me to do a triathlon… be it much shorter than an ironman… and I love it. Maybe your next book will inspire me to go long!? (Or maybe I shall just cheer from the sidelines). Either way, I am looking forward to reading it so you better write it!

  8. debbie pentland

    i will buy it Andy so enjoyed your first book. not done a tri yet but is on my bucket list. once i sort out this `lambert eaton` disease. your book is one of those inspirational pieces that keep me motivated like kate allat, jane tomlinson, lance ,oscar prestorius etc you have a knack for writing an enjyable read well done.

  9. Go for it Andy so looking forward to reading it ! 🙂

  10. Looking forward to the next book, Andy!

  11. Darren Hamilton

    Andy keep up the good work, as a guy who is just entering his fortys we are all looking for lifes next challange. Your first book got me inspired and got me off the couch and back in the gym??

    I am very much looking forward to your next book 🙂

  12. Go for it. Don’t worry about the title or content too much, just let your brain pour out your experiences, thoughts and reflections whilst the memories are fresh and raw. You can add deeper reflective thoughts later. If you have the content, it is easy to edit/reformat this later. I loved the first book, and it inspired me to get back into the pool and sort my swimming so that I can enter my first tri later this year. Keep going, the cash is waiting to buy the book.

  13. Enjoyed the book massively, especially the Frankfurt bits – i’m signed up for it next year. Inspired by your good self, I’ve decided to blog my progress -http://fatdanironman.wordpress.com/ – not that I think anyone will be interested.

    Hope the book is coming along nicely.

  14. Hi andy
    Just wanted to say what an inspirational read
    Your book was.
    I did my first tri last July the Trentham big one
    (half iron man distance) and attempted Austria iron man this year. I collapsed at 7 miles into the marathon due to dehydration and was taken away in an ambulance to the Mash tent!
    42degrees of heat not good for me!
    I entered straight away and my wife got me your book for my 40th
    It will certainly help with my motivation over the coming months
    Thanks so much

  15. Hate to be another sheep here but I will definitely be buying your book when it’s out. Any chance of a signing up in Scotland?
    Also sorry I may have borrowed your name for my blog 🙂 Thanks. Scott.

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