Thank you Triathlon.

This past week I celebrated two very significant anniversary’s in my life, two events which changed my life for the better. No I’m not talking about my wedding anniversary – that’s next week, my long suffering ‘iron-widow’, Emma and I will have been together for 9 years. She’s my rock.

I’m talking about Triathlon.

Firstly came the ten year anniversary of my triathlon debut. I still vividly remember it like it was yesterday. The fear, the excitement, the cold and then the sense of relief and sheer unadulterated joy as I became a triathlete and fell in love with a new sport. And all on a dare.

First triathlon nerves, moobs and all.

First triathlon nerves, moobs and all.

Then today (1st September ) it was nine years since I lined up in the early dawn of a misty morning in the Forest of Dean to compete in the biggest challenge of my life, The Big Woody – my first and only Ironman race. This was supposed to be my ‘endpoint’ a one shot deal, get the job done and retire. Trust me there were many points during the day when I felt like I’d bitten off more than I could chew, and that ‘one time only’ was actually ‘ one step too far’.

But running across the fields as the sun began to dip below the horizon I instantly knew I had found a new love, I would return to punishing myself over 140.6 miles, the question was just “when?”.

I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this now for a decade, it’s insane really – the time has flown by but triathlon has enriched my life in so many ways. Amazing friends, a sense of achievement, meeting people and hearing about their experiences, inspiring the odd one or two to achieve their goals, cool gear and above all else FUN.

Regardless of the books, the public speaking and all the other opportunities that come my way these days to me it is still all about FUN. If I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t have spent a decade doing it.

I love this sport, here’s to the next ten years and the challenges and enjoyment it will no doubt bring.

Thank you triathlon πŸ™‚


6 responses to “Thank you Triathlon.

  1. Congratulations on your decade in the sport Andy. I think along the way you have inspired lots of others to their own decade.

  2. best wishes andy. have said this before ” cant swim ” is one of my favourite reads . a simple story which has inspired so many. best of luck

  3. Just started triathlons myself at 37 after several years road biking. Got my first sprint one on Sunday πŸ™‚ I also picked up your book yesterday and I’m halfway through already. A great read, a story I can definitely relate to and inspirational. Thanks πŸ˜‰

  4. A great milestone Andy, well done.

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