The Muppet show.


It’s been an interesting couple of months that have seen me fall over ( there’s a shock ), start time trialling again, film a tv show and completing a sprint triathlon. It’s also seen me have to pull out of my A race.

So lets start with the negative to get it out of the way. I was hoping to take part in the Monster Middle 70.3 in Ely in August. This was a race that hurt me last time, riding without a saddle will do that to you. Unfortunately a family commitment has come up that I just can’t get out of, so that was the end of that. Hey I’m not a pro, sometimes real life gets in the way and that’s that. It’s frustrating but there will be other races and on the plus side it gives me more time to get properly fit before I dip my toe back in the water of longer races.

And breathe.

The sprint went well at St Annes, well mostly it did. You’ll see me smiling in the action shots on this blog. I had a great bike, and was the fastest from our club on the day which I’m really pleased with but then I was a complete muppet on the run and tripped over my own feet. This cut up my left knee and I just limped the last 3/4 of  a mile to finish in 1:16.

bloody knee

Unfortunately the knee took a couple of weeks to heal up as given the position of the cuts, every time I moved my leg it just started to bleed again. Will try not to make that mistake again when I race in September.

In order to try and improve my cycling speed I’ve started attending the local cycling clubs 10 mile TT on a Thursday night. This has been a mixed bag of two races so far. The first was in a huge thunderstorm. I managed a 28 minute and change to take 9th, granted given there were only 15 in the race because of the conditions, but history books will show I had a top 10 finish. Hey come on when you are as crap as me you have to take these small obscure victories. Last weeks effort however was possibly the worst performance I have ever put in on a bike whilst staying upright. I had no energy and finished dead last — another one for the history books. I HAVE TO IMPROVE ON THAT TOMORROW NIGHT. If not the Roo is getting thrown in the adjacent River Lune….maybe.

The road to success is not a smooth one, it would be boring if it was.

Tomorrow night ( Thursday 30th June ) at 8pm if you tune into the Channel 4 Show, What Britain Buys you might just catch a glimpse of me. In May I spent a day in London filming with the shows host, Mary Portas. The show looks at buying trends, and spends a few minutes on different things such as toys, microwaves ( making a comeback apparently ) and other such delights. They are doing a segment on the rise of endurance sport and decided I would be a good person to talk to after one of the producers had read my books. So I got to discuss the rise of ironman, the costs involved, what I get out of it, why I think more and more people are pushing their endurance limits and why triathlon is the new golf. It will be interesting to see how the hours of filming are condensed into a minutes worth of coverage.

I just hope I don’t come across as too much of a muppet. No doubt there will be abuse on twitter during and after the programme. I’ll be swimming so will watch it on catch up. Regardless of the outcome it was an interesting opportunity that I never expected and yet another chance to promote the sport I love. So if you watch it let me know your thoughts.

Until next time have fun and stay safe.



One response to “The Muppet show.

  1. Hey Andy, Always impressed with everything you do. Unfortunately, It’s led to me signing up for Ironman Half next year eak!!! Hope all is well!

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