Something to look forward to.

Time flies when you are recovering slowly, it seems like a lifetime since my operation and the last couple of months have been frustrating to say the least . But I’m sure no one wants to read about that so I’m going to be positive in this post.

I’ve mapped out next season, all my races are entered and I’m very excited at the prospect of racing again. Ok so at the moment I can’t physically swim of get my left arm on to the tri bars of the Roo because my shoulder is frozen, but Pah these are small problems that will be overcome. Having a goal to work towards gas given me a massive mental kick up the arse, it’s made me smile and it’s motivating me to push a little harder

So my season looks like this:

April: Ribby Hall Sprint

April: Pirate DIY Half Ironman

May: St Anne’s Sprint

August: Ely Monster Middle Half Ironman

September: Fleetwood Sprint

I have done the sprint series before, and they are great local races with the last two being on closed roads. I’ve never done the Pirate race before and I’m really excited about it. It’s not an official sanctioned race but it is well organised and marshalled. I intend to use it as a gauge to “see where I am” in terms of fitness and recovery.

Once St Anne’s is done and dusted at the end of may I will have a two month window of solid training to prepare for my A race in Ely. I have serious unfinished business with the Monster Middle, for those of you that have read my second book you will instantly recognise it as the race that I completed with out a saddle. I don’t intend to repeat that experience.

there may be other events along the way like the new Lancaster ParkRun, local time trials and some running races to sharpen up but essentially I’ll be doing exactly what friend and coach Gobi tells me to do.

I have a lot of work to do in terms of rehabbing the shoulder, getting fit and dropping a lot of weight but I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge  and it’s great to have something to look forward to. It’s been way too long since I could say that.


13 responses to “Something to look forward to.

  1. Looks likes and exciting year ahead, looking forward to reading about it. Just looked at the Ely monster middle, I might enter this myself it seems a bargain. Good look with the recovery, I’m currently try to recover from a terrible persistent beer belly and just generally lazybastarditis.

    Good luck.

  2. Good Luck with your rehab. I dipped a toe into the wonderful world of Tri this year with a couple of Sprint distances. Loved it so far. I’ve been thinking I need to plan in some more for next yet so I don’t slip back into old schlubby ways. Any recommendations of where to find lists of events or is it a case of word of mouth?

    • Thanks – good luck with your triathlons. Have a look on the British Triathlon website for races. 220 magazine website has listings too. Word of mouth is good though because you find out which races are good from those that have done them.

  3. Its smack down time at the DIY

  4. Good luck and great you’re doing Monster again, I was the race official who didn’t DQ you for external assistance after your saddle broke in 2011 ( Speaking as the regional coordinator for race officials I don’ think any Eastern Region official would have either, anyone that rides 30 or so miles on a travel rug wrapped round a seatpost deserves a medal not a DQ!) and since then I have raced it three times. The new run course makes it much more interesting as it goes around the Ely city centre not out and back like before. I’ll bring copies of both your books just in case you don’t mind signing them :-).

    • You were a star that day Jonathan, I really appreciated your common sense and support.
      I would be honoured to sign your books, its the least I can do.
      I’m looking forward to the new run course, the original was very lonely – especially way at the back where I was.
      See you in August.

      • You’re a gentleman sir :-). Perhaps if you’re registering on the Saturday I can nab you for a book signing, I suspect we’ll both be a bit busy on the Sunday! The new run course is a major improvement on the old one although the organisers say it’s four and a bit laps however it is in fact 5. It goes around the city centre focusing on the cathedral which is on, what we call a hill in this part of the world, which is not at all what you’d expect in the Fens.

      • Ha ha I know Cathedral Hill, my brother lives close by. Will try and have a look at the course when I’m down visiting family in a few weeks – although won’t be able to run as recovering from shoulder clean out that week.
        Yep we’ll sort it nearer the time to meet up on the Saturday 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great plan- good luck👍😃

  6. Hi Andy, Hope to see you at Ely. I broke a toe getting caught in the reeds doing the Olympic last year and plan to do the Middle next year.

    Take care

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