This Holgs Can

The running community, or those on Twitter at least seem to have been referring to the last month as Jantastic. A month in which to start feeling great about yourself again after the excesses of Christmas, something that is hammered home in the media with all the ‘new year, new you’ malarkey. And this year it was backed up by the fantastic UK advertising campaign “This Girl Can” which will hopefully inspire women of all shapes and sizes to find or rekindle a love in sport be that swimming, running, Zumba or football. If you haven’t seen the advert get on YouTube and check it out. I love it, not in the least because it uses one of my favourite post run phrases “I’m Knackered!” It wasn’t a phrase I got to say much in the first half of the month as I was knocked for six by a chest infection, I’m blaming my work colleagues for that. A strong dose of antibiotics has seen me improve but I soon realised that my running ability had been pegged back a few steps. Suddenly what was an easy run post Christmas was now hard work. I had to slow down and even walk to stay in the correct Heart Rate limits set by my coach Gobi. It was frustrating but If I squinted I could just about see the light at the end of the long tunnel. I plodded along puffing away like Ivor The Engine ( showing my age again – get on YouTube ) but I just laughed as I remembered the ‘larger lady’ in the This girl Can advert and thought come on “this Holgs Can”. I’m slowly building up and “I’m knackered” has given way to “I enjoyed that”. I’m still playing the catch up game but I’m closer now than I was two weeks ago. I love running, even in sub zero temperatures being battered by Irish Sea winds and blizzards which seemed to be the norm last week. What is not to love about feeling the blood circulating through your veins, your lungs tasting each breath, your eyes drinking in the scenery and that post plod glow that illuminates you amongst the crowd of the sedentary masses. So come on people, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “This Girl Can” or “This Bloke Can”. The hardest step is the one out of the door, beat that, and you are on the way to achieving what you wish one step at a time.



5 responses to “This Holgs Can

  1. Magna Carter - PSOF

    Couldn’t agree more Holgs!
    10km run today (slow due to recovering from chest infection – you’re not alone!) in the cold, and revelling in that glowing cheek feeling upon getting back home… really really enjoyed it.

  2. Andy, glad you are recovering! Jantastic is a motivational concept developed by the Marathon Talk podcast team (highly recommended also!), here’s a link to the pages!


  3. That first step is definitely the hardest isn’t it? I had the opposite issue at the start of Jan, I wanted to run but had a foot injury to get over. Seems to be healing so I’m back on schedule and training for my first triathlon 🙂

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