Hello 2015, you have a lot to live up to.

So 2014 is on it’s last legs, and 2015 is twitching to leave the starting blocks…in fact in some places it’s already running down the track. I’ll be doing my last training session of the year later when Charlotte is in bed. 10 x 30 second hard intervals off 30 second recovery with a 2k warm up and a 2k warm down. I know how to live on the party night of the year although it will be followed up with a Chinese take away and a whisky.

I guess this blog is going to be one of those cliche review of the year type thing, why the hell not, the ladies are watching Cbeebies and I’ve got a free 10 minutes in which to bore you.
So here we go. Let’s start with my low points, that way things can only get better right?

Lows of 2014

Crashing at IMUK in July – I cried in pain and frustration. It was a dark couple of hours.

The pain of injury and the frustration that went with it, I’m six months down the line and still suffering.

Sitting at my daughters bedside in the early hours of the morning in hospital whilst she was being treated for suspected meningitis. One of the worst nights of my life.

Withdrawing from the 2015 Outlaw Half after the realisation that I wouldn’t be post op fit to be able to compete.

Feeling helpless, angry, sad and frustrated when one of my best friends was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer.

Looking at those, I’m reminded just how lucky I am. Things could be a lot worse.

The Good things from 2014.

Crashing and injuring my shoulder at IMUK. A strange one you may think BUT it could have quite easily have been my neck that was broken. It also showed just how great people really are, family, friends, strangers and medical staff all rallied around me that day and beyond. I also learned a lot about myself post crash, how to stay positive and build to make what seems like yet another comeback.

Racing short and having fun. I raced two sprints and had such good fun, setting course PBS at both, despite being hit by a car in one of the races I picked my bloodied self up and ran well. There’s something very honest about racing as fast as you can until you feel like puking. I love the short stuff.

Making new friends at triathlon and running events, and through the speaking gigs I’ve done. So many fascinating stories and characters out there.

Learning that I’m going to become a dad again in 2015. Exciting times ahead.

Being part of the best triathlon club in the world COLT as it goes from strength to strength.

Having my first book voted as the Running book of the year by the general public, and the honour of having my second book nominated in the category of Outstanding Sportswriting at the British Sports Book Awards. Wonderful to be recognised both by my peers and my readers. Thank you.

Watching my brother Craig represent England and Great Britain and win silver individual and bronze team medals at British and World Championships for the 100km ultra-marathon. One hell of an achievement.

Starting a fantastic coaching relationship with Gobi, one that has been great fun and is getting results. I can’t wait to see what potential Gobis expertise and methods will unlock in me in 2015. He’s given me a new found love of running that I haven’t experienced for many years.

Sharing the wet cobbles of Bolton with Charlotte as she completed her first ever race at IronKids. It was a grim day but she smiled, didn’t moan, and ran the whole way. That moment will live with me for ever and will give me more pleasure and pride than any Ironman medal I have ever earned.

Drawing strength from my friend as she battles cancer. I would have folded but she is brave, focused, determined, cheerful and always thinking of others and has never once hid behind self pity. She is an absolute rock and whenever I have been in pain this year I’ve had a quite word with myself and asked “what would Pam do?” The simple answer is she’d smile and get on with it. And I love her to bits for that. Thank you Pam, you are an inspiration.

I have a lot to be thankful for, there are probably more highlights such as finishing half marathons in Bassingstoke and Liverpool, a top 5 finish in a Florida 5k and making my 10 mile time trial debut. It’s been a good year, one of the best in recent memory. That may come as a surprise given the fact that I’ve spent 6 months of it broken and waiting for an operation in pain. But it’s only pain, the highs numb it.

2015 will bring an uncertain future on so many levels but it is a year that I am so excited about, I have a good feeling that it’s going to bring it’s successes, moments of joy, moments of triumph and above all else so much fun.

So goodbye 2014 it’s been a blast, see you in a few hours 2015, you have a lot to live up to. Bring your A game.

Happy New year one and all, I hope it brings you all that you wish for. see you on the other side, Andy x


7 responses to “Hello 2015, you have a lot to live up to.

  1. Congratulations on becoming a dad again and all the very best for 2015 !

    Best wishes Jeremy Hoyle

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Hi andy just wanted to let you know that I was given your book as a present for my birthday by a friend. It is the best book I have read in ages. I laughed and was reminded of my first ironman in 2011. I was a lounge lizard until I was convinced to learn to swim by my triathlon mad personal trainer. I was hooked when I watched my first triathlon and the rest is history. Everything detailed in your book were the exact emotions I felt at my first ironman even down to never ever wanting to see your bike again and to never ever wanting to do another ironman until someone asked you the next day what ironman you were doing next. Best sport ever. Keep up the good work. Terrie

  3. “… but she smiled, didn’t moan, and ran the whole way. ”

    Takes after her mother then!! Sorry, couldn’t resist that one. All the best for 2015 – what are your targets/races?

  4. Congratulations on becoming a Dad again in 2015 – that’s great news. Triathlon is important but family is more important. Best wishes to the three of you in 2015, especially when you welcome a new Holgate into the world!

  5. Unrelated to this post per se but I got your first book for Christmas, after reading about your repeated mishaps with cleated pedals and had a 100% failure rate on my own recently, I found myself finishing early at work and getting home in daylight with dry ground and +ve temperatures. So I thought I’d have another crack at them. Wouldn’t say I’m confident on them by any means but my failure rate is now only 50%! Now I need to work on riding 56 miles with them and I’ll be well set for that half-iron in August…

  6. Phil Bayne-Jardine

    Always a pleasure to read your posts. Great to see you back and ready for a cracking 2015, all be it with a touch of pos injury tenderness. Good luck with the second kid too, it makes things happier, and harder at the same time but every success you have seems brighter for it. Good luck to you mate!

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