You wait 20 months then two races come at once!

It’s been a busy few weeks at Holgate Towers but this weekend is all about racing again. On Sunday my comeback continues with the St Annes Sprint triathlon here in Lancashire. I waited 20 months to race a triathlon again and now I’ll be doing my second in 3 weeks.

I first did this race two years ago and it is a very fast course, unfortunately that day the elements were in an evil mood and the whole bike and run sections became a battle of attrition just to stay upright. Looking forward to Sunday, it appears that no weather problems will face me and my fellow races this time around.

In 2011 I finished in 1.20.23 so this time around I’ll be hoping to go below 1.20 spurred on by my recent form at the Ribby Hall sprint. This time around the bike is 2 miles longer and the run is about a km longer than the race at Ribby but I’ll be giving it everything and racing hard.

One of my friends said to me this week “You’ll be alright as long as you don’t get hit by a car again!” I smiled and said “I bloody hope that I don’t as it is closed roads, but with me you never know…”

Training has gone well, I’m pleased with how strong I’m starting to feel when running and I’m spurred on by my recent cycling performances in dodgy conditions. Last Saturday despite gale force winds and rain which saw my teeth turn brown with a layer of mud I managed to grind out 3 hrs ( which felt like 6 into a headwind ) with my mate Gary. And the Thursday before that at the local Time Trial I was only 2 seconds outside my pb on a wet course with plenty of corners. If I hadn’t have been over cautious on the corners I would have got a pb. I buried myself that night and yet within 20 minutes of finishing managed to swim a hard interval set. Which to me shows my fitness levels are rising.

After Sunday the only other triathlon I have pencilled in is a sprint at the end of September and a couple of running races over the Summer. I’m also thinking of adding a couple of the local Capenwray mid-week tris to my schedule, and my mate Jack has set the idea of doing an aquathlon in my head. Quite fancy that to be honest.

Finally I have so many friends racing Ironman Lanzarote on Saturday. It is a magical but tough race. I have such fond memories of 2012 and the short time I spent on the island. I’d love to return some day. I’ll be glued to the tracker on Saturday. So the very best of luck to the 23 COLTS racing, the unique and lovely Mr Silent Assassin and his Pirate shipmates, Mike, Jules, Tim and everyone else. If I can do it then you all certainly can.

Good luck to everyone else racing this weekend wherever your feet my take you πŸ™‚


7 responses to “You wait 20 months then two races come at once!

  1. And all the very best to you at St Annes Sprint !

  2. Great to see you racing again. Have my first Tri if the season in 3 weeks time and am training for the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 in August- I was out in the wind and rain last Sunday! Long way to go yet but I am making friends with my bike this year πŸ™‚
    Best of luck with your racing (although I secretly hope they don’t go too well as you’ll have nothing fun to entertain us with in your next book!!)

  3. Have a great race, and best of luck!

  4. Great to see you racing again, Andy! Good luck for Sunday.

  5. Good luck tomorrow Andy

  6. Aquathlons are awesome, you should definitely try doing one! You won’t get hit by a car when doing it, that is another plus! πŸ™‚

  7. By the way, are three weeks enough to rest and recapture the energy and drive to perform in a race again?

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