Swimming versus Chips

“You know what mate if you’d have texted me tonight I probably would have stayed at home” said Stu laughing as we drove along the River Lune to our weekly torture session otherwise known as COLT swimming.

“I could always just keep driving to Morecambe seafront and we could get some chips and just sit in the car for an hour, no one would know” I replied, putting wicked temptation on the table. “Oh you git, I’ve got that in my head now” came his anguished response. Before we both had chance to smell the salt and vinegar I turned left and headed to Heysham pool. It was the right thing to do.

You see that’s what it feels like every week before swimming, a certain resignation, a questioning of my sanity, why am I doing this? It’s 8.30pm on a Thursday, it’s cold, it’s dark and I’m knackered, I should have just stayed at home and relaxed. I’m sure some of you feel the same, or maybe it’s running that does that to you? We all have our weaknesses, we all have our doubts and we certainly all have our “I really can’t be arsed moments” but you know what they all fade away as soon as you step out the front door or feel the water on your finger tips. Last night was proof of that.

I’d been knackered all week, just no energy yet when I pulled on my goggles ( making sure to put them on the right way up unlike last week ) and kicked off from the side a switch was pressed and I felt alive. I just felt like I could have swum forever, yes by the end of the session I was blowing hard but it was so much fun. It was only my second swim session in over month but I felt strong.

It was actually a tough session ( although the swimmers amongst you will probably think otherwise ). After about 10 minutes of drills, sculling etc we went straight into the set. It was one of those where the distance in each set decreased but so did the recovery time, making it a constant effort. The first set had 20 seconds rest between the reps of 100m, 150m, 250m, 300m. Set 2 then had 15 seconds rest between reps of 100m,150m, 250m. Set 3 had 10 seconds rest between a set of 100m and 150m. We then swam 100m and had a minutes rest before 6x25m ( alternating steady and flat out ) with 5 seconds rest between each. Followed by a warm down. It was hard work but great fun.

When we got back in the car Stu and I were buzzing, “that really sets you up for the weekend” he laughed. I smiled, “Yep much better than a bag of chips” I replied, “although I am starving now”. I enjoyed my jacket potato and salad when I got in.

There will always be a 10% chance that on a Thursday night the chips will win because lets face it, hot salt and vinegar always smells much better than chlorine…but that after exercise glow that you get tastes so much sweeter than deep fried potato.


10 responses to “Swimming versus Chips

  1. Hollie Cradduck

    So true! Yesterday I was shattered – got a new coach and up at 5 everyday for a fortnight and was seeing my coach the day after so needed to be at my best. I got to the mentality missing one won’t hurt’. It was an outdoor pool and I don’t wear a wetsuit. As I was so tired the cold outdoor seemed even worse but I did it 2 x 50, 2 x 100, 2 x 150, 2 x 200 and alternated at the front every other go so was even tougher but loved it and so glad I went. If I didn’t go I would’ve felt guilt and tried to justify my decision to sit at home and watch trash on tv but after it all swimming is always best 🙂

  2. I love chips :p sausages and chips after hard out session even better!

  3. Oh so true!

  4. Sounded like a fun session, Cool post 🙂

  5. Chips after a swim were my downfall last year, this year I have kicked the habit, why do all that hard work to ruin it all afterwards?

  6. there is nothin like a good swim to build an apatite! 😉

  7. Swim/chips/swim/chips/swim hmmmmm choices! Right one Andy!!

  8. One of those things we did as kids, you go swimming you get chips… I still crave chips after a swim set, however I love the swim sets so much if it was an either/or the chips would never get a look in 🙂 Good choice that man 🙂

  9. Nice one Andy, it’s only 7.30. I am just about to put my trainers on and run along aouyhaea seafront, and all I can smell now is chips. Lol

  10. Personally I’d have got the chips on the way home – thus proving that you can have you cake and eat it……….kind of!

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