A new week

I just wanted to say a very big and very genuine THANK YOU to everyone that has sent me messages of support in the last couple of days, to say that I’ve been blown away by it would be a massive understatement. There has been an amazing amount of sense talked and a lot of it has resonated with me. There are a hell of a lot of good eggs out there.

I probably shouldn’t have written the last blog, it created a bit of a storm in a teacup. I certainly don’t regret writing it but if I’d kept a dignified silence instead of reacting then it would have all just blown over, and I wouldn’t have spent time dwelling and worrying on things. Every one is entitled to their opinion, we are all individuals and if we all agreed or got on then the world would be a very boring place. Don’t tell my work colleagues but I’m wearing my wetsuit under my clothes at work so I can realise what a thicker skin feels like 😉

I deliberately stayed away from the internet this weekend as I wanted to clear my head, spend time with the family – had great fun at the zoo, and watching John Bishop ( comedian ) last night. Caught some sea air up at my dads and just basically chilled out.

Today is a start of a new week, I’d like to just leave last week in the past and sail on into the future….or actually swim, cycle and run on.

Thanks again and have a good week.


14 responses to “A new week

  1. Onwards and upwards 😉

  2. TOP MAN !

  3. alright andy .

    unfortunately mate people are fickle and we cannot change those individuals perceptions of us . at the end of the day its our perception of ourselves which is important . last week should show you what an inspiration you have been to folk in the last few years . keep it up up mate , and in the meantime please don’t fail any doping tests as that WOULD put the cat amongst the pigeons.
    best wishes
    andy smith

  4. Just proves your human and that’s what makes your books and blog posts so good. Its great to read the exploits of the elites but better to have something to relate to.

  5. I had no words for last week’s post – only sadness. Today relief and happiness. I am halfway through Can’t Swim… LOVE it! Love your humor, love the workout tips and love the inspiration. Thanks for helping this newbie stay inspired and on track for my first Olympic Distance Tri next summer (currently have three sprints under my belt).

  6. glad to see you back and in good spirit!

    Love your books, love your blogs… keep up the good work….

    looking forward to book 3…. “can swim quite a lot, can ride a fair bit, can run pretty quickly”… 🙂

  7. Hi Andy, thinking of writing a book call ” After IronHolgs = how to fill a head with dreams and empty a savings account 😉 arrghhh

  8. Hi Andy,
    I recently had to watch, instead of take part in The Rubicon Half Ironman.
    My mate raced it but I was injured. There were a couple of Pirates and Colts taking part that day, and I clapped and cheered them all equally the same. The two guys running the PA also gave an AAARRRHHHHGG it’s the pirates, each time they went by the four lap course.
    My point is, I’d never heard of Pirates or Colts until I read your books. In my opinion you have highlighted their existence far more than they could have imagined. Me and my mate are now booked in for The Ultimate Triathlon (Ironman) in August 2014. And its all thanks to you my friend for the inspiration you have given us and loads more people besides.
    There are always people who have opinions and are entitled to them.
    You have done a great job with your books and that is what matters to the reader.
    Keep up the amazing work. I for one, am looking forward to the next chapter in the life of IRONHOLGS.

    Thank you

  9. Crazy reading about people slagging you off. You wrote your books yourself off your own back, about you. No one who didnt work on the book should get any money out of it regardless of whether or not your on the same team. What madness!!

    Ignore the jealous haters and continue to be yourself , your great inspiration to others and your books are good read.

  10. Hi Andy ,
    Have been off work for just over 3 weeks now recuperating after a double hernia repair . Got hold of a copy of Can’t swim… and can’t put it down . Have lapped up every single word and am truly inspired and sure to read it again and again . Such an easy read and packed with everything you need to know . Thanks .

  11. Holgs,
    I am glad to see you are taking a more positive view of what can only be describes as quite ignorant and petty comments on the PSOF forum. Jealousy will always drive people to try and drag those that have achieved more than them down and because the internet is ubiquitous these days it is an easy platform for them to try and do so. Ignore them and certainly don’t allow it to effect the things you want to do. This was my first year racing tri’s and reading both your books kept me motivated to train hard as well as giving me something to do while my legs soaked after those long runs/rides! Now I can’t unfortunately say that you inspired me to take up multi-sports as I was already hooked before I stumbled across your first book but you have inspired me to start my own blog and start writing down my own experiences with training and life… To inspire a single person in a lifetime is an amazing thing and you have been able to inspired thousands, so be proud of your achievements and for those that hate on you for it…. A lifetime of flat tyres 😉

  12. Andy,

    Like in any aspects of life there are always people that agree / disagree with others. I have seen you running once in IM Lanzarote and you were a real support at that time, not just for me but for many others, throughout your character and your story.
    I’m sure we all have some kind of story, but you are good at telling it.

    Keep up the great work and keep on making our lives just a bit more pleasant.

    You rock!


  13. Hey there Andy.I’m just after finishing your first book and to say i’m inspired is an understatement.You have given me the get up and go to go get out there and finally get that bike to finally get on the road to triathlon.The swims are being put in,the runs are being put in,hell when I start tri training I might even blog about it.Keep up the good work and keep on trucking.

    “Believe you can and you are halfway there”

    Shane Timothy
    (A new Irish Ironholgs follower)

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