Walking the Plank

Conventional wisdom says that you shouldn’t send an email when you are upset, that you should step back, give it at least 30 minutes to see if you feel the same way when you calm down. I guess the same could be said of writing blog posts, maybe I shouldn’t write this one but sod it I don’t actually care.

Yesterday on the Pirate forum out of the blue I got a bit of a slagging. Now I’m a big lad and can take criticism when it is justified, and people are entitled to their opinions but the comments yesterday upset so much that I changed any photos of me on social media of me in Pirate kit. I was actually for the first time in my life ashamed to be part of all that. I was accused of selling out and making money off the Pirate brand by writing a book, and not sharing the royalties with anyone. Then someone else waded in and said that I was making money off of COLT as well. That final comment was what cut the deepest. I sat there in shock, not quite believing what I was reading. The people that made the comments have never met me ( unless you include me cheering her on in the rain at Ironman UK this year whilst she ran herself into a Kona slot ) and don’t know me from the next fat lad in yellow and black lycra.

Yes I’ve written two books. Yes the Pirates feature heavily. Yes my beloved COLT feature heavily. It wouldn’t be correct if they didn’t. The books were my story, the two clubs featured are there by default because of who I raced for. I can’t help that. To say I was trading on those two brands ( and I’m not sure they actually are, one is a triathlon club, the other is an online collective that races triathlon ) was insulting. I’m not trading on anyone else but myself. My books are about me, my journey, my family and friends. You don’t have to like them, buy them, read them….I’ll still sleep at night. They are only books. I’m a librarian, that’s what pays my mortgage. Being an author is a hobby, much like triathlon, it doesn’t pay the bills at all. People would be shocked by how little I actually get for each book, but I don’t care I was never in it for the money. The thrill of being an author, the butterflies I still get when I walk into a bookshop and see my work sat next to the likes of The Brownlee brothers, Macca, Chrissie and a whole load of other sporting greats is what it is mostly about for me. But most importantly is the fact that people have read my wittering and then been inspired to seek out there own challenges, to push themselves, and most importantly of all to enjoy themselves. Triathlon to me is about fun, yes I want to be a lot faster than I am, yes I have ambition, hey I may never go sub 10 or qualify for Kona but that doesn’t make me any less of an athlete. In Ironman and triathlon we battle our own limitations, we race ourselves and when we are done we can look at ourselves in the mirror with pure honesty and know that we gave everything that we could. If that everything is 16:59:59 then so be it.

It’s a shame really because I loved being a Pirate, I could relate to the ethos of it all, the group that didn’t take itself so seriously whilst at the same time admiring the likes of Rosey and Funkin who are very talented and quick. I’ve made some wonderful friends, had some cracking experiences because of being a Pirate. The distinct kit is recognised all over the world and it gets you an extra cheer out on the course when you need it but I’ll never race in it again.

It was very heart-warming to read all the messages of support that I got yesterday and it really cheered me up but I guess the damage was done. I still have many friends who are pirates, and I’ll always cheer on the yellow and black whenever I see them but I’m done.

Where’s the plank, I need to get off this Pirate Ship of Fools.


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  1. Sorry to hear this holgs. Don’t dwell on it. Small minded people get everywhere. You’ve got a great life and family. Concentrate on your comeback tour instead. ;-). Get out there and GET AT ‘EM! Rrrraaaarrrrgh, etc

  2. I understand your hurt & annoyance / very similar to my recent decision to move on from my club, in which on Facebook you commented on how good Colt & pirates were & proud whilst pointing out not all clubs were bad.
    Are you not being too hasty reacting to the comments of just two idiots ( probably both acting on jealousy) ?
    Sod them and stay with the clubs that are part of you.
    These two that initially commented are in a gigantic minority by millions to one. See the support & comment you got on Facebook.
    My decision to move on was after an accumulation of 7 years bullying in my club.
    Don’t walk the plank yet – with a bit if luck the others won’t like swimming with sharks & you may even get an apology or explanation from them.

  3. Hi Andy, just about to finish reading your first book. A friend kindly bought it me for my birthday and you signed it for me. I have to say I can relate to a lot of what you wrote in my own journey the first time I took up tri. There has been a 10 year hiatus, and now am fully back in the fold. I enjoyed the book, great read in fact. I can’t say that any of what you wrote would be deemed as making money of another institution. I mean, FFS, would anyone accuse Alex Ferguson of making money of Man U by including them in his autobiog. There are some petty and sad people around, probably driven by petty jealousy. I can understand your decision and all I would ask is keep up the work, it’s the normal folk like you that make this sport what it is.

  4. So it’s probably time for a reality check. You can’t make everyone happy. (Even if you try!) but on balance I can guarantee you’ve made a difference to thousands of lives. Is it worth upsetting a couple of people to make a difference to many others? I know which side I stand on. Keep it up! Cheers Scott

  5. That’s a shock Holgs, but i understand totally. I’m going to look for the post and get the full picture. It’s a real shame that one person has made you take this course of action. It has all got rather serious though, when the ethos was not to be taken seriously and all that. Chin up, dust yourself down and move on.

  6. Dear Andy, yes your right you should slway’s give yourself some time to calm down before writing a response haha! But I completely agree with you. These people are in a minority and seem to throw away all good work that both these clubs have done. I have enjoyed your two books immensely and have enjoyed them ax they were real stories about how you got into triathlon and how you’re family and friends had to put up with you throughout! Lol it was not two story books about two clubs. These people should have been gratefull that you mentioned them as I am sure that both these clubs would have benefitted from the exposure they got through your books are well known throughout the world. I slway’s keep an eye out for them when watching any iron man. Chin up big fellow thrust your chest out and remember you should be proud at what you have achieved! Ps go for a run next time you put pen to paper. Lol

  7. I wasn’t expecting that. Internet forums are funny places sometimes (even the nice, supportive ones) and people behave on them far differently than they would in real life.
    You’re a man with a big heart Andy. I don’t have to have met you to know that. It comes through in your blogs, in your books and in your love of triathlon and your family. That’s what makes you such an appealing writer and an inspiration. But it also means stuff like that, when people have a go at your beliefs and values, really hurts. And I can understand, as an independent triathlete myself, why you felt you had to walk away.
    So good luck buddy, keep on recovering, keep on training and keep on enjoying your sport. You’re bigger, literally and figuratively ๐Ÿ˜‰ than the haters.

  8. Andy, I joined COLT as it was my local club and just intended to do a sprint tri to wake up my fitness and running again, and could I swim No, did I have a bike No! I needed help and was ovewhelmed how much support I got from an amazing club what was also obvious from my first soggy run on a cold, wet Wednesday night running session was that (banter aside, COLTs are very good at that) you are one of the highest regarded and most loved members of the club. I remember you helping me around a green murky lake whilst I was having a hissy fit and panic attack you encouraged and sacrificed your own training to help someone you didnt really know. I read both your books early on in my journey and again (it’s your fault Holgs) inspired another IM wannabe. My other half who was a professional athlete in a very different discipline also was inspired by picking up your book! Do not let one idiots with an ill informed judgement get you down. Don’t stop what you do in fact come back stronger as you are doing from your physical injuries! p.s I want a mention in your next book and obviously that will make you millions! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Andy, your blog has made me quite sad because the whole idea of the pirates was about being friendly and not taking ourselves too seriously. It’s also something that isn’t owned by any one person or group of people so for someone to be so up their own arse as to be that unpleasant suggests it is them, not you, who should be handing in their yellow & black. I hope you can come back aboard the pirate ship at some point as you are something of a legend ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Zoe presents a very valid point. Think on first before walking away. Experience tells me that when people have a go at someone, it is rarely anything to do with the person being got at and nearly all about the aggressor. You have not done anything wrong and you do have some responsibility to those who look up to you. So, ensure you make this decision with thought and consideration first.

  11. James Rooney (Pudge)


    That you have taken the comments so much to heart is, as far as I am concerned, a real mark of the man that you are.

    I, like so many others, find myself training towards an IM because I have taken inspiration from your books.

    I have also taken inspiration from, and benefitted from the guidance of, a number of other Pirates (I use the word ‘other’ deliberately).

    However, being relatively new to the game, I’m not too familiar with many of the Pirates who were commenting on the thread, as I watched it unfold yesterday.

    With any large group of people, I find that there are some I get along with and some I don’t.

    I also find that there are some who I just ‘get’, and some whose personality/sense of humour/demeanour/outlook is lost on me. It’s therefore difficult for me to fathom how many of the comments were deliberately insulting and sniping, and how many may have been meant in jest.

    Either way, you are clearly upset by some of the comments, hence your actions.

    For what it’s worth, having read your books, I consider your story to be about a bloke who happens to be a Pirate, rather than simply being a story about the Pirates. The Pirates are a part of the story, in the same way that COLT are, or your family is, or QR bikes, or the university where you are employed, or that cow taking a dump in the lake where you did your first triathlon.

    I’ve never met you Andy, but you seem like a genuinely good bloke. You shouldn’t focus on the literally one or two catty comments. Focus on the tons of people who look up to you and respect you.

  12. wow, again wasn’t expecting that. I opened the blog with interest and anticipation and was look forward to the next instalment of your storey. Don’t let some small minded keyboard warrior grind you down. Having not read the forum posts it sounds like a minority of people who are having a pop. I’ve read your first book and its inspired my to take up triathlon and running. I am only one but i’m sure there are thousands of others who have done the same. I’m also called Andrew in my mid thirty’s with dodgy knee and would never have considered doing this crazy sport if my friend hadn’t got the book for my birthday. Remember why you wrote the book(s) and remember the friends you have made along the way. Read back over your older blogs to get a feel for where you have been and how far you have come. Keep on the good work I really do look forward to reading about your progress, and your training set backs, its still progress. It all resonates with me and my training albeit it on a smaller scale.

    Please don’t stop the blog It make my morning when it drops in my inbox


  13. Some people are small minded jealous types Andy. They will never do the hard work you have done in writing the books but want some of the benefit. You are a fantastic bloke, humble, honest and fun. Don’t let them get to you xxx

  14. Don’t let the 2% control your decision that affect the other 98.

    When I first thought of doing a triathlon, fitness didn’t even come in the picture. I am in Lahore, Pakistan. There is no triathlon here. If I was going to do this, I needed to train completely on my own and then save enough money to fly off somewhere to run the damned race.

    The first book I bought on Triathlon was not a how-to guide (I had no information of bricks, couldn’t even tell the difference between endurance and body building, hadn’t seen the inside of a gym). It was a why-to guide. It was your book.

    I loved it. I commented on your blog way back when telling you about it. And you reached out and encouraged the living daylights out of me!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a blogger too… and your book, your story is a part of my story.

    In March this year, I ran my first triathlon in Abu Dhabi. http://blog.momekh.com/2013/03/04/done/

    I am about to start training for an olympic distance triathlon now. I will be fishing out your book from my shelf soon enough.

    What you’ve done is what ever writer/author wants to do: inspire.

    And why are you apologetic about making money from your stories? So much so that you go on and explain that you haven’t made much money. You should be making A LOT MORE than what you are.

    Your story matters. It needs to be told. It has already helped and inspired a small army of people.

    I repeat, Holgs:

    Don’t let the 2% control your decision that affect the other 98.

  15. Andy, very gutted to hear this you’ve been an inspiration to so many many people including myself and never ever let the odd few people stop you continuing to inspire and help people. I put your book aside when training for Ironman UK to read after and was massively impressed with your journey but also your openness to helping other.

    You and COLT where on Babylon Lane in August and at the finish line not just on the first laps but on lap 3 when myself and all us Ironman UK first timers needed that extra push and it isn’t something you did to get anything you did it to help others and that is a real credit to you.

    It is what makes people special the ability to look beyond themselves and to what they can give back regardless of any personal gain.

    Even in this blog post your giving back it makes me think again to not let anyone define or limit what I can or cannot do in future and to not let anyone reduce the value of my 15:16 finish just because they can do a sub 12, sub 10.

    I was looking to become a pirate for 2014 simply because of the ethos and how highly you spoke of them.

    Stay true to what you believe, jealousy can drive people to strange ways of acting and you should rise above it however hard that maybe.

    Keep it up and stay strong however narrow minded people get.


  16. Andy it is such a shame to hear that people are so critical. I would say the majority of the comments are based on jealousy and bitterness. I absolutely loved both your books and like the other people who have commented here your books have inspired me to enter Ironman Wales 2014. You are an inspiration to me and many many others. I understand that these comments have really affected you but hold your head high and rest safe in the knowledge that you are a far better person than the ones who commented on the forum!

  17. Now the water on here can get pretty choppy at times, so ask yourself “Am I going to sink or swim?”
    Taken from your blog site Andy, use your own advice and keep on going. Don’t let comments from muppets get you down. First your book and now your blog ( 2nd book on Christmas list) has inspired me to get me lardy arse off the sofa, as I’m sure it has with loads of others. keep doing whatever feels good and bugger ’em

    You’ve inspired

  18. Andy, we have communicated a few times on Twitter I have found both you and your books to be inspiring as you know, they continuously drive me and my ambition to be the best I can.(We are very similar people in many ways albeit I am not a librarian) I have also helped in promoting your talks at Holmfirth Library that you did recently. I am doing IM Austria 2014 not because of any connections to any club you may be associated with (I don’t really care) there are many many fantastic clubs out there and some clearly not so fantastic part of my reason is your story I connect with your story, your goals, your dreams & your family life. I don’t feel any connection to any of your clubs, were you shop or the car you drive.
    You are an inspiration to many people keep up the good work with books, blogs and whatever else you choose.

  19. Andy – MTFU mate – I was purely using you as an example of where intentionally or not there has been exposure and use of the pirate logo. As I said, I couldn’t give a monkeys if you make millions from it, good on you.

    Maybe the forums have change somewhat recently but I’m amazed that such off the cuff remarks made such an impact.
    Are you sure this is the real reason for walking the plank – were you teetering on the edge already or is this a very public flounce?
    Either way – please don’t blame this decision on 2 posts by Elaine and I, grab your cutlass and fight, or say you’re tired of the forums and moving on.

  20. Andy, I am sad at this whole thing but I do understand, having been hurt previously myself on the forum. Please don’t go – I nearly did but in time realised there are a lot more nice people amongst the Pirates than the odd few uncaring idiots. I will never forget your kindness at IMDE. Personally I enjoyed your books and it never entered my head to say you had been making money from the Pirates – I know it doesn’t pay unless you have a top seller. Now I am older and wiser and know my inability to run was because I needed a new hip joint the jibes don’t bother me any more. I don’t care that it took me 15hrs 51 to finish an IM distance, it doesn’t matter, I did it, that’s what counts. Same for you, ignore the cruelties and please come back where you belong.

  21. You can’t just abandon the ship due to one or two comments. You need a thicker skin than that. Everyone is entitled to their opinions – even if they’re wrong. (which I think they are here)

    MTFU and get back on board – your contributions to triathlon are approaching legendary status. I can’t bloody run any race without someone coming up to me and saying they started due to you !

  22. Andy, you know my feelings from the texts yesterday, but I do have to agree with the comments from Cougie above.

  23. Sorry to read this. Not a Pirate myself but I really got a sense that wearing the kit filled you with a sense of pride because you were part of a group of like minded spirits battling to attain their personal IM goals. This kind of trolling is becoming more & more common. It makes me sad for the society of today & for the society that my kids will be part of.

  24. That is so ridiculously narrow minded of them…unreal! Your book has been priceless in promoting the sport among all of us “regular” people with families and jobs and injuries and limited budgets and limited time. You’ve done lots to draw positive attention to the Pirates and the community that emerges from this sport. This really enrages me too, and I’ve of course not even read the threads, but the insinuations are so far off the mark!! And yes, I think people would be shocked by how little authors really do earn in actual money. I have to believe those are just grumpy unhappy-with-their-lives people who needed a target. You have every right to be upset. I am!!

  25. Far from profiting from the Pirate “brand”, you’ve elevated it. It’s the internet, it full of tits, don’t let one moron change your course.

  26. Just remember…you can’t please everyone, so focus on those that really matter to you, including yourself. Life is too short to let idiots get under your skin!!

  27. Ignore whatever they say. They are only jealous! I have read your first book and found it brilliant. Hat’s off to you for all you have achieved in triathlon. Be proud of all you have done……if I achieve only half of what you have done I will be proud of me! Some people have such sad lives that they just want to spoil it for everyone else…….feel sorry for them!

  28. Sorry about those negative comments. They are wrong. Don’t walk the plank! The people who have read your books get why you do it and want you to continue. There are often grump buckets in life who get their nose out of joint. Just ignore them and continue doing fab things.

  29. Hi Andy – you have a lot to be responsible for. To inspire a 50 something to take up Triathlon, aim for a half Ironman next year and who knows after that is saying something. Me, and a whole load of others, have taken a lead from you and found something very special in life. Don’t let two morons spoil in for you, and selfishly for me and the hundreds of others – just pity them for their warped and jealous outlook on life. If anything they should have the decency to walk the plank holding a couple of canonballs and get the hell of of here – they probably don’t have the courage to do so though and will continue to hide behind their avatars as faceless cowards….

  30. Andy, I was the referee when you completed Monster Middle (as in your second book) without a saddle and in its place a fetching tartan rug. You were worried I would DQ your for external assistance but you kept going despite something which would have floored most people, me included and there was no way I could have removed you from the race. You didn’t let a broken seat pin get in the way of doing what you enjoyed so please don’t let these comments steer you away from Pirates and COLT.

  31. Emma(running Postie) marshall-telfer

    I respect you discussion in walking the plank, it wasn’t nice or very pretty what was posted. Most of us Pirates are really supportive, enjoy triathlon and encourage others to take part, the real Pirate ethos! I enjoyed reading your books, it lightens the load knowing others are also out there getting up at stupid o’clock, all for the live of triathlon. Keep you chin up chuck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Don’t sweat the small stuff Andy. These peoples’ opinions aren’t worth bothering about. You have inspired a lot of folk and will continue to do so I’m sure. Don’t change…..๐Ÿ˜Ž

  33. LittleMissHappy

    Andy, we’ve never met but I’ve read your books – and defended your right to write about the pirates in them on the thread that’s caused all of this – I don’t know, like, or get on with everyone on the forums but there are enough good people out there to make wearing the yellow and black a positive experience. I know you have COLT but do you really want to give up the pirates because of a few hurtful comments from people whose opinion shouldn’t really matter?

  34. Andy,
    I’ve read both you books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Since both the Pirates and COLT are such a big part of your triathlon life I can’t see how you could avoid mentioning them. If anything the fact that you mention them raises people’s awareness of both so that when they are watching a triathlon and sees someone racing in Pirate or COLT colours they can cheer them on because they recognise them. Even the people that are complaining have to acknowledge that having people shouting encouragement to you because they know who you are racing with is good, especially for those of us who are going to be towards the tail end of triathlons and have no chance of getting anywhere near Kona, unless its as spectators.
    Yes, people are entitled to their opinions but when it starts to force people to leave a group that is so supportive of people that are trying to achieve what is an incredible thing when it comes to sport then I think that something is not quite right.
    I hope that you stick around and don’t leave the Pirates.

  35. Andy, you need a tougher skin…but seriously don’t let a few *ossers change what you do and how you do – as an earlier poster said ‘ the internet is full of tits’ – its the biggest ones that tend to be the loudest!! Keep it going fella, you’re a great writer and have nothing to defend

  36. Andy please reconsider I’ve been through the same after 27 years in a club and took the same path you are thinking of and it’s no way to go, you and the pirates are the greatest inspiration to a returning 50+ triathlete and a cutting remark of one person should not colour your impression of such a great group of supportive people! you are bigger than them and you deserve the greatest of respect for what you have achieved in your life and what is still to come

  37. How anyone can accuse you of selling out and making money from PSOF and especially COLT is a joke. You and the farmer inspired me to make a complete change in my life, I remember those words on the Quay a few weeks ago of support and tbh mate, you are just what the whole COLT and I believed Pirate ethos was about. Well, rise above, keep inspiring people like me mate and get back to the wed sessions soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I am sure I echo many others here… you are the reason why I did my first triathlon and this year completed a half ironman.. and am even considering the big un! I have made some fab friends and had some amazing experiences. I even ventured as far as the pirate forum and have made friends there…. however there were people making unpleasant comments and someone even suggested I shouldnt bother with the half if I didnt think I could do it in less than 8 hrs. I went there looking for support and reassurance, which many pirates gave but the elitist clique attitude of some is sad. Finishing is finishing regardless of time (smashed 8 hrs btw)! Cant say I particularly ever want to race as a pirate after the things I have read.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  39. Robert Macmillan


    This is very simple. They are wrong – morally and legally. You owe them nothing. It is they who should calm down and then they should apologise to you.

    Good luck whatever happens. Your fan base supports you.

  40. Just to add my tuppence worth, as others have said, think before you jump. You (and most of the rest of us) know you’re not trying to make a mint from the Pirates or COLT, and i think saying you’re done with the Pirates is playing into the hands of those that gave you stick. You might not agree with them, but don’t let them influence your subsequent actions. All the comments on here should only serve to re-enforce the fact you have inspired a lot of people, and i think your responsibility to those who you’ve inspired is more important than leaving Pirates because of a few cutting remarks. Just ignore them and carry on as before.

  41. Andy the first book inspired me to Enduroman completion. I enjoyed every word of it. Tried to get to your talk at Carlisle the other week but couldn’t get there. Never saw a link between PSOF/COLT and you making money, it was YOUR story of unfitness to success!!

    I wouldn’t like someone to criticise me in that way but hold your head up high with you live story and achievements, you deserve it fella!!

    All the best for your future journeys.

    Chilli ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Sorry your life story ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Very sort to hear this happened, I loved you books loved your jorney and curse you most days, thanks to them dam books I game done 3 sprint and 1 Olympic this year along with a marathon so I can attempt “going long” next year (if I can shift my planter facilities

  44. Having just read your first book, which I loved btw, the thing which stuck out as much as your determination was your appreciation of the great people you’ve met along the way and who you pay great tribute to. As you said you’ll always find at least one pool bully but they are few and far between so don’t let the b**tards get you down and shrug them off as you have in the past and keep going to the finish.

    A future Ironman

  45. Hi Andy this morning was 24 miles on the bike and it was 2degrees with wind , frozen toes and fingers , why? Because you inspired me to take up triathlon again and get my ar$e out of the front door and that you can take pride in? Thanks


  46. Holgs, not read the thread in question but seems to me mate you’re entirely the sort of guy we need in the Pirates and embody the Pirate spirit, and perhaps the others should absent themselves?

  47. Andy keep your chin up there will always be people who are bitter , just remember the people you have inspired who are totally on your side

  48. For what it’s worth Holgs I read through the 3 hundred odd posts on that thread this morning and was truly saddened by some of the comments . Your first book inspired me to get into tri and was the reason that six months later I lined up at IM Wales .. I borrowed pirate kit for that first race and never looked back .. Love the sport , love the pirates and the fact that they were not all up themselves .. As you say there are some seriously fast ones , and ones like me that barely make it over the line before the cut (or not as was the case unfortunately this year) … But until now there seemed to be a common understanding and acceptance . You know this anyway.. But wanted to add my voice to those saying that its a sad day to hear you are “walking the plank” and that some of us are extremely grateful you wrote your books.

  49. Hi Andy
    I read your blogs all the time. I have bought both books and to say that they inspired me is an understatement!!
    One word to for these people mate
    JEALOUS !!!

  50. Having read both books and while both clubs feature, the books are not about the clubs. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, anyone complaining could always just write their own book. I’m sure your books have probably done more for the profile of the mentioned clubs, than the clubs have done for yours. I for one was only introduced to the pirates through reading your book. I think what your now experiencing is just part of the success you continue to have, develop a tough skin and continue to represent fellow fat bastards like myself. My training for Ironman starts today thanks to you.

  51. Andy.. your right unless you write fiction and your on the best seller list.. making a profit from books is a pipe dream.. what you did was bring triathlon to the masses who never thought it was possible.. highlighted the trial and tribulations and based it on real experiences.. For whatever reason they commented they are the losers… In times like this you find out who your real friends are… Start thinking about your 3rd book and never lose sight of what you have achieved on a number of levels. You don’t have to win Kona or be an ITU World champion to have class…

  52. Hey Holgs – I’m really sorry to read this. In fact I was really sorry to catch up on the whole thread just now. It was pretty unpleasant to read and I think you and Gary both took misguided and undeserved flack.

    My reading of it, for what it is worth, is that a clumsy comment was picked up on and followed up by an ugly one. There was no support for that view.

    I, for one, would love to see you be the bigger guy and dust yourself down and get stuck back into the Ship without fuss. You give selflessly to the PSOF and you get a lot back from it. As we all do!

    Overlook the clumsiness, re-board and rejoin your friends.

  53. Nil carborundum illegitemi. Literally & figuratively,

  54. Andy, I feel for you mate. If anything i feel sorry for those who made the comments as they look quite silly. I wish people would not hide behind club forums to air their views, I wish people had enough courage to speak to the person face to face but unfortunately we live in a world now where communicating via forums is easier. It has good and bad points I guess aswell. You are very right in saying that you wrote your books about YOUR journey, not the journey of the Pirates or Colt. I have enjoyed both your books and your journey and I very much look forward to when you come and chat with my club about your experience in a couple of weeks. (let it be noted we are not paying for Andy, we have invited him) just so that does not come under scrutiny as well.
    Like another reader of your blog mentioned – you bought triathlon to the masses, the weekend warriors, heck you even inspired me to do an Ironman, which I am doing next March. So chin up mate, you are doing great and the jealous tall poppies are just that, jealous!

  55. Don’t give up on the majority because of the minority. It’s that simple. Your books are an inspiration as are you.

  56. Never mind the numb-nuts and their negative comments.

    I got the book for Christmas and couldn’t put it down – an inspiring read indeed! I thought I was a bit rad running my first hilly marathon (Loch Ness) in 2013 but your German Triathlon antics put it in perspective.

    With your “Better a day as a lion than a thousand years as a sheep” Tibetan quote ringing in my ears I toast the arrival of 2014. Good luck with the season ahead…

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