It’s interesting when I go back over some of my old blogs and see what I actually wrote, I guess like most things the words on the screen were true at that given moment but things change. Opportunities arise, injuries occur, enthusiasm smothers you and quite simply sometimes life gets in the way.

Life has been getting in the way of my blogging of late. It’s been a chaotic month with home improvements, the start of the University year at work, and spending a lot of time travelling around talking about triathlon. The house looks good, work is ticking over and the talking has been a great success – I’ve had so much fun sharing my stories and thoughts with people, and in turn listening to what they have to say. It has been a two-way process and one that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Opportunities have also come my way and hopefully there will be more talking next year, and I’ll be doing some press/media work for Ironman UK as well, so if you’ve entered that race you may see something from me in a newsletter or two. I’m very excited to be involved with a race that always gives me goose bumps whenever I watch it.

I’ve also been injured but it wasn’t sport related. Tearing up an old carpet, I was unlucky enough to have a minute wooden splinter embed itself in my eye and as a result I’ve not swam for a couple of weeks. Got the all clear from the hospital to resume that again tomorrow with a COLT coached session.

Training has been going very well, not had time for any long bike rides due to the talking and decorating but I’ve worked hard on my core stuff with the pilates and TRX and feel stronger for it. I’ve also set the turbo up and done a 40 minute session just to make sure it was set up correctly – I intend to do a lot more this winter. My running is progressing steadily and up to running 6.2 miles now in a relaxed, steady, form driven way. I’m having so much fun and enjoying every single minute of it, even the runs in the driving rain of a cold dark autumn dawn.

I’ll also whisper that I’ve been working hard on my nutrition and as of this morning I’m the lightest I’ve been for 3 years – granted I’m still a fat lad with a lot of progress to make…but I’m getting there.

By the time I come to race next summer, I intend to be strong, fit and up for having a lot of fun…..and quite possibly I will have backtracked on a few things that I previously wrote. Plans are a forming. Watch this space.


5 responses to “Backtracking

  1. I detect an Ironman on the horizon Andy. Keep it to yourself, I have entered Ironman UK – it will be my first full IM so I will look forward to reading the newsletter!!
    On a slightly different subject and as a matter of interest, what was your opinion of Gordon Ramsay doing Kona as his first ever IM having been given a “wild card” and not qualified?

  2. NIce to hear things are going well and well done on the weight.

  3. Only you could get an eye injury playing with a carpet! Muppet!!

  4. Andy, I’ve been reading a few blogs about triathletes and am surprised more don’t talk about the benefits of Pilates? I’ve recently started Pilates and in the past 6 months I’ve noticed an amazing difference in my core strength. Not sure whether the lack of blokes talking about Pilates is because it’s not macho but I couldn’t recommend it enough and glad to see you recommending it too. Thanks for continuing to inspire me to enjoy my training.

  5. Just finished reading your book and thought it was a really good read..
    you obviously have a natural talent for writing, keep up the training and competing, would be honoured if you could take a look at my blog and give any hints and tips.

    have a good 2014

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