The noisy neighbour

Now I can’t tell you how happy I am at the fact that for the first time in my adult life I have no knee pain what so ever. Driving, running, cycling, even kneeling on the floor ( an activity I have avoided for years ) are all fine, all pain-free. That’s a combination of the work I’ve been doing on strengthening my body with the homework set by my physio and the ultrasound/vibration therapy I’ve been having.

When I run I feel very relaxed, comfortable, like could I run forever, it’s an amazing feeling. I’m the idiot you might have seen running along at 7am this morning in the driving rain, grinning like the village loon.

Unfortunately its a short-lived feeling. I’ve run three times in the past 4 weeks and they have been distances of  2.32, 2.02 and this mornings 2.43 miles and each time I have had to abandon my run for the same reason, my left calf. It just starts to cramp up, maybe I’ve reached it’s tolerance level before it says “sod off I’ve had enough, I’ve done nowt for 6 months and I’m knackered“…if of course in some alternate universe calf muscles could talk. I’m not sure if it’s cramp,  pulled or torn muscle or something else maybe a change in gait due to new-found stronger biomechanics.  I’ll be talking to the physio about it on Wednesday.

So it’s kind of ironic that after all this time away from running, that it’s not my dodgy knee causing me pain but its noisy neighbour. In the grand scheme of things I’ll happily take no knee pain over this as hopefully the calf will settle down and I’ll be able to work hard over winter on becoming the runner I know I should be.

It’s frustrating but it’s not the end of the world. I have to remember that it’s only a couple of months since I was on crutches and in a lot of pain and dealing with the thought of not running again this year at least. I’m well ahead of schedule and that makes me grin like the village loon 😀


18 responses to “The noisy neighbour

  1. Hi Andy,
    I’ve had the same issue myself in the past. It maybe just a placebo effect, or may have something to do with keeping the calf warm, but I now run exclusively in either Long skins or Calf guards (Compressport) and have had no more calf issues since.

  2. Hey Scott,
    The last two times I’ve been running in my compressport calf guards, so I think my issue is slightly different to yours. Weird is calf is ok with any other activity but just doesn’t like running at the moment. I’m hoping it will settle down soon.

  3. Hi Ian,
    Keep up the great work mate.
    You are still an inspiration. Can’t fault you.

    Wayne (budding ironman)

  4. I mean Andy. Derrrr!!!!!!.

  5. Hi Ian,

    Good news about the news….have you posted anywhere the exercises and body work you have been doing for your knees….would be really interested?

  6. HI Ian, absolutely love your book. Your journey into triathlon was really similar to mine. My friends have been bugging me to do a triathlon so I took the plunge and entered my first tri. I had to literally have swimming lessons from the start, and learn how to run. Thankfully I completed the tri (sprint distance) in a respectable 1:26:14 which I was really happy with. The only issue is I’ve not got the bug and have already entered another one! Keep up the good work, people you like you are a true inspiration to mere mortals like me!


    • Hi Andy,

      Well done on completing your first triathlon, very impressive.
      Ha ha they are addictive, good luck with your training and future races, hope it all goes well.
      Thanks very much.

  7. I had exactly the same after a shin splint injury. My calf would start hurting at about the 2 mile point on a run to the point where I had to abandon. My physio told me what you suspect. It was strained by over working to compensate for the shin splint. He prescribed some acupuncture, rest and some stretches. It worked a treat and I was back running in a few weeks. Glad to hear about the knee. Will you so IM again?

    • Glad that you got sorted, thanks for sharing that Peter. I’m hoping that having made some physio suggested adjustments to my calf that it will settle down ( it seems to have done this past week ). As for Ironman, not next year but maybe at some point beyond that. I’d certainly like to if my body lets me.

  8. Andy……have you changed your running style & started to run more fore-footed? – this will play havoc with your calves initially… did with mine, but subsided over time & still do if I run over hard on tarmac – try trail running to build up your mileage/fitness/muscle tolerance initially. Good luck, Sean

    PS – Great talk at Blackburn library & Hokas will push you onto your fore-foot……. 😉

    • Thanks Sean, have been running on the woodland trails this past week and combining that with the Hokas has certainly lessoned the impact on my body. The calf now feels good, which means its settling down.
      Glad you enjoyed the talk 🙂

  9. That’s still great news. The calf will sort itself out – pain free knees are worth celebrating!

    PS – why’s everyone calling you Ian??

  10. I called him Ian and I’ve read both books. Crazy!. Think its the Ironholgs name he uses, makes you think Ian Holgate.


  11. Hi Andy, I had the same with my calf after taking time out to fix a hamstring. Could be hip alignment. Your physio will sort it out.

    Is Ian your stage name?

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