Out and About.

I’ve got a busy few weeks coming up as I start to think about the new university year and all the chaos that comes with that, working hard on rebuilding my fitness, considering an “exciting proposal” from my publisher and getting out and about to talk about triathlon.

Yes that’s correct I will be emerging from my man cave, where I’m kept for the majority of the year and I will be allowed to mingle with the public, and yes before you ask the risk assessments have been done and signed off by the various local authorities. I’m actually very excited and honoured to have been invited to be one of the authors taking part in the Try Reading initiative, a joint venture with the Arts Council and the organisers of The Rugby League World Cup to promote reading in local libraries. The scheme aims to promote sport by getting people to read about it and hopefully be inspired by a few events/talks that are being organised. You can find out more here. This scheme really struck home with me for several reasons. Firstly I grew up in a Rugby League household with my Dad being a referee, I spent my youth on the sidelines in places like Swinton, Wigan, Whitehaven and Batley…..cups of bovril, men in flat caps, and the grim northern weather for company. I loved it. Secondly I’m a Librarian, and anything that gets people into libraries is a good thing in my eyes. Thirdly I love getting the chance to chat to people, to share my story, to hear your stories and generally just wax lyrical about my love of sport and in particular triathlon. This is a great opportunity for me to share my passion.

Flyer for my talk at Kendal Library

Flyer for my talk at Kendal Library

Most of the events will be ticketed ( health and safety ) so please either book online or contact the library for further details. There may be a minimal charge of £1-£2 and that will include refreshments. Here is a list of the events:

Blackburn Library – Mon 2nd September at 7pm details here
Barrow-in-Furness Library – Sat 14th September at 11am contact details here
Kendal Library – Fri 20th September at 6pm contact details here
Holmfirth Library – Weds 25th September at 7.30pm Book tickets here
Blackpool Library – Thurs 3rd October at 6pm contact details here
Chorlton Library – Sat 5th October at 2pm contact details here
Bolton Library – Tues 8th October at 7pm details here
Penrith Library – Sat 19th October at 10am contact details here
Carlisle Library – Sat 19th October at 2pm contact details here

I’m especially excited about my talk at Barrow Library for sentimental reasons as it is where I learnt my trade as a librarian, where I had my first proper job and I have so many fond memories of working there. Plus it is the first time I will have done a public talk in my home town, the thought of which just makes me smile.

Flyer for my talk at Holmfirth Library

Flyer for my talk at Holmfirth Library

So please come along to any of the events if you are free, I promise not to bore you too much and please come with lots of questions ….just nothing technical about bike gears ok! Books will be available to purchase at all the events, or if you already have my books please bring them along and I’ll be happy to sign them for you.

Right I’m off to practise talking in front of the mirror. Hopefully see you in a library soon before they put me back in the cave for Winter.


12 responses to “Out and About.

  1. That’s all good but when are you coming down south!!

  2. Sounds great! What about slightly southerer than Bolton?? Like Chester way….? 🙂

  3. Hi Andy just booked my ticket for Holmfirth, hope I’m not away with work!!! Worth the chance anyway…. No I won’t ask questions about gears, might ask how do you fall off gracefully and with dignity…. Ray

  4. “just nothing technical about bike gears ok!” LOL. If I were there I’d be slinging my toughest bike questions your way 😉 How great to see your passions and interests come together like this!! That will come through and you’ll be motivating folks in more ways than just triathlon!

    • Sometimes I’m glad you live across the pond 😉
      Thanks, I’m having such good fun touring round and talking to people about triathlon, I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity and I’m loving it.

  5. HI Andy completed my sprint tri on sunday, not bad times, i’d have liked a quicker swim time but i suppose only 7 sessions of swimming i shouldn’t complain, gave up a couple of minutes on the bike as a fellow competitor who’d just passed me had is carbon forks snap on him somersaulting him over the bars , stopped to help pick him and the bike up and fend off traffic… saw him afterward he was ok possible broken finger to match the forks 🙂

  6. Hi Andy Managed to shuffle work around and will be at Holmfirth tomorrow night really looking forward to the evening,

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