Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off for an MRI Scan I go….

What a difference a year makes, this Monday last year I was about to board a plane for a date with destiny in Lanzarote. Tomorrow I guess I have another date with destiny as I go to hospital for an MRI scan on my injured knee. I feel upbeat about it to be honest, almost excited, about the fact that after tomorrow I will be one step closer to running again.

Hopefully once the results have been analysed, the doctor and I will be able to discuss my options and the damage that is present in the troublesome joint. If that’s an operation then so be it, if it’s physio then I’ll give that a go. I just want to get back to running. The knee incidentally has been no better since I stopped running which probably isn’t a good sign.

I’ve not blogged since being injured really as although I’ve swam and done some cycling I haven’t felt that any of it would have been interesting enough to write about. I sat around feeling sorry for myself, putting on a bit of weight, undoing the good work that I’d done prior to April. What was the point, I had nothing to train for?

I’ve developed a different attitude in May and have been training quite well, getting up before work to fit rides in. Hell I’ve even ventured into the gym to lift some weights – and I hate the gym. Last week I couldn’t get out on the bike at all as Em was suffering badly with her chest and couldn’t cope alone with our two-year old bundle of dynamite Charlotte. So I played Dad in the mornings instead of being a cyclist. Making breakfast, getting her ready for nursery etc, which is why I found myself in the gym in my lunch hour. I really need to do a “re-introduction” as I can’t remember what most of the machines do. Yes it really had been THAT long.

So apologies to regular readers about the lack of reading material, but it would have been even more boring than usual 😉

Keep your fingers crossed for me that tomorrow goes well and that soon enough I’ll be able to run again, even if it’s only a mile or two a week because I miss it so much.

Until next time it’s HI HO HI HO It’s off for an MRI scan I go…….


17 responses to “Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off for an MRI Scan I go….

  1. Hey good luck Andy or should I say Happy, as it doesn’t sound like you are Grumpy any more. Your posts have definitely been missed – its winter over here so I need some evening entertainment ;-).

  2. It’s winter here too lol. I’m really excited for you and have everything crossed that all goes well. Can’t wait to compare notes again when we are both fit- here’s hoping that next year’s going to be “Our” year! Good Luck!

  3. All the best for tomorrow. Knowledge is half the battle. At least then you can start to put a plan together for the future. Fingers crossed x

  4. Hi Holgs, keep your chin up, being injured is so annoying, but remember you have inspired lots of people to get off their backsides and go for triathlon. So thanks – I did my first one yesterday and LOVED it, can’t wait for another!!

  5. Best wishes for tomorrow, Andy..

  6. Hey Andy good luck and sending positive thoughts to you! Missed you at swimming- or maybe you are the sensible one- my goodness it was cold!!

  7. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Just found your blog after reading your books. I’m inspired and will hopefully be doing my first triathlon later this year!

  8. Man up, big ‘un. You’ve got a spare leg. Anyway, I thought that everything could be fixed with 2 ibuprofen and a bit of a HTFU attitude. Remember the code.

  9. I have just finished your second book, whilst sitting alone in a restaurant in Rio. Again, it was a good read. Finishing it ( great idea to include Em’s thoughts) I thought I should read your latest blog, and found myself really upset to read about your knee. How did the scan go? When I bought your last book at a tri show in Manchester, I’d just had a knee op (I doubt you will recall me limping over to your stand to get a book signed) and so have real empathy with you. I’m still not running, and it has been really upsetting to visit Rio and not run in such an amazing place. But the point of this reply is to say that despite not having run since November; despite feeling like I might never run or enter another tri again; your book makes me want to beat my injury and swim, bike and run further than I have ever done so before. Thanks.

    • Hi Rob,
      Glad that you enjoyed the 2nd book, nice to hear that. Yep I remember talking to you at Manchester about your knee. Sorry to hear that you are running yet, hopefully you will be soon. Good luck with the recovery, hope it goes well and that you get to go further than you have before.

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