We can’t let them win!

I thought that when I woke up this morning that it might have all just been a bad dream, those images that left me speechless and angry last night can’t have been real? I mean what sort of evil, sick, twisted bastard would do that sort of thing?

Running isn’t political, Running isn’t religious, Running cuts across class and wealth – millionaires and peasants are equal when they lace up their running shoes. Running transcends Race. Running unites the world.

Running simply is the purest form of exercise known to man, anyone in any country from any background can run. Runners are a family, we understand one another, we feel for strangers when we see them struggling, a simple nod from a passing stranger as we run on a deserted street lights up our morning, we take immense pride in our achievements whatever they may be, and we love LOVE LOVE that feeling we get in our hearts when we are putting one foot in front of the other. It is a pure love running.

You attack one runner, you attack us all.

That’s why the tragic events in Boston cut so deep. Yes I wasn’t there but it could have been anywhere. Any marathon, any Ironman, any race. People like you and I going out and doing what they love whilst at the same time raising millions of dollars for the less fortunate. People like my wife and daughter who could have been at the finish line waiting for Daddy to finish. And the bombs went off at 4.09 when normal people would have been in the final few yards of an amazing achievement, their thoughts already on that medal, smiling at the thoughts of those first congratulatory hugs with loved ones, thoughts of happiness, relief and the sense of achieving something wonderful. All stolen away.

We are runners, but more than that we are human beings. We can’t let these bastards win. Keep running, keep going to spectate, turn out on the streets of London this weekend, run and cheer your heart out. Don’t let fear stop you, that’s what they want. We can’t let them win.

As a runner and a human, my heart goes out to all that are effected by the tragic events in Boston. I am so grateful that my friends made it through safely, and I mourn those that didn’t.

Runners are used to adversity, we are used to pain, this is a whole different level, but we can’t let the Bastards win.

Keep on running and stay safe



18 responses to “We can’t let them win!

  1. Brilliantly put Andy, my thoughts exactly and I was out running this morning, feeling the wind and thinking about the poor people hurt yesterday, sickening

  2. Beautifully written. You expressed everything I’ve been feeling. I shall run this Sunday’s Virgin London Marathon with determination and extreme pride.

  3. Beautifully said Andy

  4. Beautifully summed up. Runners are good people. We are a community. we share and support each other through good times and bad. People who attack runners and libraries are not my people.

  5. Well said Andy. The images are sickening, the fact that they detonated one bomb and then waited for people to be running away, into the blast radius of the second bomb before detonating it. It makes me sad to be the same species as these people. But your comments have given me hope. Hope that good will win in the end. I’ll be out training tonight, thinking of Boston.

  6. Totally agree. We cannot let these evil excuses for human beings win. Unfortunately there’s always been evil in the world, but now the methods have changed. They are much worse.

  7. well said mate

  8. Beautifully written. Said everything I felt as I watched the news report. It was such a cowardly attack, robbing people of so much.

  9. Debs (@mrsjackcabnory)

    Well said! #running

  10. Such a great post. Thanks, I think you’ve summed up what a huge number of people are feeling. I am running VLM on Sunday and some of my thoughts will doubtless be for those who have lost their lives or were injured in this cowardly attack.

  11. Right with you Andy.

  12. So very very sad, think we are all with you on this one Andy – great post.

  13. Well said Holgs !!!

  14. Andy, I do not run due to a back injury, but my partner does and i am her “support crew” at various events of 5 & 10k or half marathon.Many of those injured in Boston were relatives or friends of runners and were there to support all of the runners. Yes, we keep a special eye out for the person we came with, but we cheer and clap everyone home because we understand how hard they have worked just to be there never mind finish. Thank you for expressing the disbelief and disgust that runners will feel after yesterday’s events, but know also that your “support crews” are still there for you!

  15. Brilliantly written Andy. I think a million spectators will line the street of London on Saturday to watch 40,000 runners – all in an act of solidarity with our friends in Boston. We are all runners and today we are all Bostonians.

  16. Very well said Andy – Illegitimi non carborundum

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