Sorry to any blog subscribers that just saw a post entitled “Trial: Global Company Intelligence”.

I was blogging for the library about a new database, our blog is also on wordpress, the same platform as this one and it decided to publish it to my “IronHolgs” blog instead of the “What’s New at the Library” blog.

So sorry for the geeky company database spam, normal swimming, running and riding nonsense will resume in due course.



3 responses to “OOPS!!

  1. Andy,

    Is the information “sensitive”? I work in a school and have just forwarded it to a colleague in Business Studies in case she could use it, but I will ask her to delete if it will cause problems.


    • The information is on our public website, so technically anyone can see it and use the database during the trial. HOWEVER it probably is only supposed by our students.

  2. I thought it made an interesting change Andy…

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