Getting it off my chest : 24wk plan

The first week of my 24 week training plan went really well, despite the snow and social commitments I managed to hit every planned training session apart from my long run and bike. Unfortunately I was crippled when my tight chest came back and I was coughing like a chain smoker.
It was frustrating as I’d been going well, apart from the 1hr run pace test ( basically see how far you can run in an hour ) when my Garmin died 5 minutes in – I’d forgotten to check that it was charged. I still managed to run a decent effort, I just didn’t know exactly what pace or distance I’d done. I was supposed to repeat that test this week ( week 2 ) but I’ve not trained under doctors orders. I have a chest infection, I’ve been on the drugs now for a couple of days and I feel crap still, but not as crap.

So week 2 and more than likely week 3 will be written off, which means I need to rethink week 4 at least, to come up with a “start back” strategy. Obviously jumping straight back into an 11-12 hour week would crucify me. I have to think long-term, and that’s why, although frustrated, I’m not panicking yet. It’s better to get this now than 10 weeks down the line when the ‘proper stuff’ kicks in.

Anyways I know there has been some interest in the plan that I will be following towards the Outlaw this July so I’m attaching it here. I’ve had help from an experienced coach in writing it, and a Kona qualifier has offered me invaluable advice as well. So I’m grateful for that.
I don’t feel that I can make great progress with my swimming now, the amount of effort I would have to put in to go from 1.20 to 1.10 would be better off spent getting my bike splits down, and more importantly unleashing my marathon potential. Something that has been missing over my last few races. Running a realistically paced and planned marathon off the bike is my goal as I hunt down my Pb.

It’s a plan, it’s not set in concrete, it will be adapted to match progress, but hopefully it will get me to the crowded waters of the Outlaw in great racing shape.

So I may be back to square one, but square one this year is much further along the path to success than it was last year. This year my training and racing won’t be with my heart but with my head, and that is already something that I’m happy with. I can’t wait to get it back on, once I get this off my chest.

24wkplan           Turbo sessions


4 responses to “Getting it off my chest : 24wk plan

  1. Once more you have put the life of an athlete into perspective and no doubt calmed a lot of nerves, mine included. Today, I went for a run, weather was excellent, course was my favourite, yet I ran like a three legged elephant (OK, so I’ve never seen a three leeged elephant but you get the idea!) My partner had the “lurgy” last week which I think I’m now coming down with which sent me into a right old panic – how am I going to manage next weeks training if I end up in bed??!! Now I’m thinking (after reading your blog) ach well, at least whilst I’m in bed I can re-plan the following weeks plan and I’ll feel so much better for the rest 🙂

    Have a great weekend in Manchester

  2. Thanks for sharing your training plans in such detail. I’ve never really looked at an IM plan. There are some pretty massive weeks and big BIG workouts in there – 3 hour bike followed the next day by 4 hour bike plus run, 5 hour bikes! I’m a mainly solo trainer, but I can see how important group and community is for IM workouts. You are fortunate to have such a great group of characters to swim, bike, and run with!! Your training schedule makes my long run today look like child’s play 😉

  3. I liked the training docs Andy, cheers. However the Trainer sessions one confused me a bit. I’ve never seen heart rate thresholds described that way. Normally for instance “Z1” would be recovery and would be around 60-65% of max, rather than your “Level 1 Aerobic Base” which has got to be over 70%. I’m interested in finding out more – where/how did you get those “zones”?

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