Tipping the scales in my favour

This past week has been something of a mixed bag really but thankfully the positives are outnumbering the negatives. So let’s start with the negatives.

  1. Had to abandon COLT running on Wednesday as I couldn’t breathe, my chest was too tight. The last mile although uphill was almost 15 minutes. Shocking!!
  2. Missed the rest of the week until this Monday in terms of training.
  3. Ate my last piece of Christmas cake until December 2013 ( very nice it was too – Em is a good baker )
  4. Missed my early morning swim today as I discovered I’d left my kit in my office at work – NUMPTY!!
  5. It’s bloody cold.
  6. Newcastle United.
  7. Pulled out of Helsby Half Marathon this Sunday.
  8. Car troubles
  9. Paying tax on book royalties – total minefield.

Ok so none of them are serious problems, I’m alive, so on to the positive.

  1. I returned to running with a 3 mile run at an average pace of 8.25min mile.
  2. As I wasn’t out training I spent more quality time with my girls.
  3. New Cycling shoes arrived – nice, shiny and comfy.
  4. Started logging all training on Strava/Garmin Connect.
  5. Still cycled for 20-30 mins every day on my commute, so the week wasn’t a total loss, and abandoned run was 7 miles.
  6. Book 2 finally hits the shops and is well received by most people.
  7. Reading the messages of support on my blog – thanks peeps 🙂
  8. Listening to Swedish House Mafia whilst writing my training plan – seriously motivating.
  9. Looking forward to starting said plan on Monday, 24 weeks until the Outlaw.
  10. Keeping a hand written food diary/ training diary.
  11. Getting on the scales and looking at a 5lb loss.
  12. The new series of Bones started on Sky One.
  13. Entered the Jodrell Bank Sportive.

SO I have a lot to be thankful for in the past week. I’m not 100%, hence the reason I pulled out of the Helsby race, after all it would be a 3 hr round trip, I’d not do myself justice and I’d probably be p*ssed off with my performance. So I’ll just go ride my bike instead.
My training plan is almost done – I can’t tell you how excited I am at the prospect of following it, I so want this year to be a success unlike the last few in terms of performance. The key for me will be the weight, I need it to come down, I am over a stone lighter than what I was at the Outlaw last summer. I need to be at least 2 stone less than I am now to have any chance of achieving my goals.
I won’t bore you too much with weekly weigh-ins etc, but I will keep you updated from time to time. As a motivator I’ve decided that if I don’t reach my target weight by the Outlaw, then I won’t race, I shall be retired. Obviously I will race but that’s what I’m telling myself, as hopefully it will keep me on the straight and narrow.

A long way to go, a lot of hard work to do and it’ll be fun and games but at least the scales have tipped in my favour this week. Stay positive everyone, I know I am.


14 responses to “Tipping the scales in my favour

  1. Good luck with the weight Andy, going through the same thing myself and have 3½ stone before IMUK to lose, otherwise I will be suffering

  2. Number 6 – Newcastle United
    “None of them serious problems”

    Bloody serious where I’m sitting Andy! Having issues myself with the start of Outlaw training so I know where you’re coming from.

    • I’m trying to kid myself that they aren’t serious, although rapidly heading out of the premiership I think, barring a miracle.
      Good luck withy your Outlaw training, hope the issues clear up soon.

  3. Hi Andy keep up the good work we’re all watching! Just read your new book as expected another top read, and as a result of your inspiration I’ve just singed up for my first full marathon!

  4. Bad news on missing Helsby. I’ve had to give up my number as well due to illness. Lucky that DTeS found someone to take it over so it’s not going to waste.
    On the weight side if I lost all my excess weight, 5 stone to get BMI under 25, I could run faster than you – no chance of that happening.

  5. I was still kidding myself it was twenty-something weeks to Lanza! Oops! Really must get the plan on track.
    Having a fairly rough time myself, but always important to focus on any small positives, as they’ll drag you through to a better place.

  6. Another great Blog Andy 🙂 If you ask Emma nicely I’m sure she will give you space in her wardrobe for your extra shoes – how many now?! x

  7. Any chance of sharing your Strava/Garmin username so we can follow/stalk you there!?!

  8. Well done for the weight loss – not sure I’d be honest enough to keep a food diary – that really shows an impressive commitment, Andy.
    Looking forward to seeing what your training plan is – are you going to post it here?

  9. Loved the new book. Perfect timing and highly motivating for me as I’ve just started my 30 week training programme in preparation for the Bolton Ironman, which I entered after been inspired by your first book. Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Just finished your book Andy and really enjoyed it. I just hope Jack never wants to attempt the Lanzarote Ironman! Best wishes from Jen Billingham (a true Walneyite)

  11. good job! That heat sounded absolutely brutal…it is one thing that definitely sucks the life out of our bodies!

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