Surprise Release

Just a very quick post today to let you blog readers know that my second book Can’t Sleep, Can’t Train, Can’t Stop : More Misadventures in Triathlon was released on Kindle by Amazon on Friday.

This development was news to me, and I actually found out on Twitter when a follower told me how much he was enjoying my new book. I was a bit perplexed but hey it’s all good – I just wish the print book could have been out in time for Christmas.

Initial reaction has been good, and it’s selling well. Never expected to see myself at numbers one and two in a chart 🙂

Nice to see this today :-)

Nice to see this today 🙂

So if you have a kindle or are getting one for Christmas, maybe download one of my books. If you do I hope you enjoy them.


11 responses to “Surprise Release

  1. Definite xmas purchase for me. Don’t you worry about that.

  2. Just in time, I’m running out of books on my kindle app. *heads over to purchase*

  3. Hey Andy,cant wait to read your new book.Its also your fault that i am no longer talking about doing a triathlon,but on the first of januarybrrrrrrrrrrrr in Edinburgh i will be swimming 8 lenghts of the commie pool,(starting lessons on Thurs) cycling 11 miles round Aurthurs Seat(still to get a bike!!) and running once Round Aurthurs seat (luckily can run a wee bit) does this bring back memories?? wish me luck

  4. Congrats on the second release! I loved the first one, it was a big part of my inspiration to start writing about my adventures as an athlete.

  5. Congrats! Very exciting news~

  6. Hi Andy good to hear book 2 is out. However, I bought book 1 and starting reading today. The feelings of deja vu are quite amazing. Geordie, Toon supporter takes up triathlon as a challenge in 50th year. Read my blog
    Good luck for the coming tri season.
    F****** Fergy time – bastards !!


  7. Its both mine + my sons birthdays in january are you doing any book signings anywhere soon.i live in inspired me to last place at imuk this year.thanks for first great book.lookin forward to next one!

  8. Hi Andy, read the second book over the last couple of days. Fantastic and inspiring. May see you at the Outlaw in July. I didn’t realise it was you who had the seat come off during the monster. Nightmare mate. I would have bailed.

  9. I have a 22 month old son who walks around saying, “Dadeee, Dadeee, Dadeee.” He points to my wetsuit hung in the downstairs shower and says it again and again. Before reading your second book I would have never known how to spell it! 😉

    • ha ha happy to have cleared that up for you.
      Whenever Charlotte sees anyone cycling in a hi-viz jacket she now shouts Dadeee.

      • Kids are great aren’t they?! We have a painting of Paul Wellar playing a guitar on the wall and because he has seen me playing my guitar, that’s Dadeee to! Unfortunately, when the holding of the guitar stops and the playing starts the similarity soon disappears…

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