Book Update

After yesterdays somewhat “heavy” blog on doping in sport todays is a much less taxing one for you the reader, and for me as a writer I suppose. I just wanted to update you on things book wise. So don’t worry this advertorial will be short.

Portsmouth Book Fest 2012

Portsmouth Book Fest 2012

1. This Saturday I’ll be appearing at the Portsmouth Book Festival. The renowned festival runs over several days and features some legends of the writing world, in particular Horror Writer James Herbert. There are also other ‘world class’ authors appearing such as Adele Parks, Dorothy Koomson, Matt Hilton and Andy McNabb. I’m really quite flattered to be invited along to speak as I still don’t see myself as a proper author. I’m a wannabe triathlete that occasionally writes something worth reading, and it won’t matter how many books I write or sell that’s the way it will always be in my mind.

I’m taking part in their “Reading Marathon” event on Saturday at 12 noon along with Running with the Kenyans writer Adharanand Finn and debut novelist Helen Summer with Running Crazy. Two excellent books by the way, check them out. I’ll be giving an illustrated talk for about 45 minutes, taking questions and then doing a books signing. There will be an hours gap until Helen comes on. It only costs £5 for the 3 talks, which seems good value to me. So if you are in the area, and there’s nowt on the telly that afternoon come along and say Hi or indeed heckle. That’s why I love doing these things, although I get very nervous beforehand, I love meeting people, hearing about their journeys and getting the chance to help them in a tiny way. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the 290 mile drive tomorrow night though.

2. The second book has been signed off by my editor. It will be published on the 1st January 2013 and will be called:
Can’t Sleep, Can’t Train, Can’t Stop! : More Misadventures in Triathlon
It’s 30,000 words longer than book one, and contains a chapter written by my wife Emma, which I haven’t seen giving her take on things.

I’m not sure yet if it will be released on kindle at the same time as the print version, I’m hoping so. I’m also hoping to be able to offer my blog readers a world exclusive in the next week or so with the publication of Chapter One. I need permission for that to happen from my publisher. Also hopefully I’ll have a cover design to show you as well.

It’s all very exciting. I’ll be back next week to tell you about how my training is going. In a word : Good but more on that next time.

Have a great weekend everyone and remember if you are in the Portsmouth area come along and say hello, contrary to the rumour started by Viking : I don’t bite.


12 responses to “Book Update

  1. Which drugs have you used to fuel this writing frenzy ? :¬)

  2. Hi Andy,
    Just wanted to say that reading your first book gave me the belief that I could actually do an IM – an I’m sure there are many, many others who fall into that camp – so just wanted to say thanks, and that I’m very much looking forward to your next book!
    If you’re interested, I filmed the big day in Tenby from helmet and handheld cams and patched it into a short film here: All that pain at the end – your fault! Plus the lifelong satisfaction, but still… 😉

    • Hi Ned,
      Nice one on completing IM Wales, will check out your link when I get chance.
      Glad that my booki helped in a small way.
      Good luck with your continued training and racing.

  3. Looking forward to your new book, hopefully I can pre-order it soon. Let us know if you are doing any appearances in London!

  4. Read your book while I was on holiday this year and really enjoyed so looking forward to the follow up! I laughed out loud when I was looking through the photos and suddenly realised I used to work with Vikings wife! Small world!

    I’ve been into triathlons for a while but your book has convinced me to write it all down as I go, more for my own amusement and to look back on in the future.

    Looking forward to that first chapter preview if you can pull it off. Cheers

  5. Hope Portsmouth goes well – really looking forward to the new book. Great title

  6. Great talk yesterday Andy. My sister & I thoroughly enjoyed hearing more about your triathlon adventures. Looking forward to your next book!

  7. Gr8 to hear there is a new book. I bought the first one a year or 2 ago + loved it, especially the comment re Cockerham + that lovely water.ive done it 4 about last 5 years having watched a friends daughter do it 1 year. I also do skipton + clitheroe was like following in your footsteps! I lent your book to my son when he went on hols came back in bits as sun melted the glue! I also bought it for someone else.a great read.i even stepped up + followed u doing ironman uk this year + finished last with 26 secs to cut off! Amazin xperience.thanks for the motivational read.gud luk wiv new book.i’ll buy it.

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