2013 and all that.

I’ve been neglectful of the blog over the past few weeks. Unfortunately it’s a necessary evil as I’m pretty much spending every spare waking hour writing the second book. The deadline is looming like the grim reaper at a hospital bed.

I have to get it handed in by the end of September. I’m confident that it’ll be done on time and hopefully it won’t need too much editing. My readers that have been perusing over each chapter so far have been positive about it all. Which is a good thing. I have to immerse myself in the story, at the moment when I’m out running or sat at the dinner table I’m constantly writing in my head. The trick is to remember it all when I actually get time to sit down with my laptop.

But it’s not all been writing, writing, writing I’d go insane if it was. I’ve had a wonderful two weeks off work with my family.

I’ve also managed to do some training, mostly strength work on my dodgy leg in the garage using the TRX, which is a great piece of kit. I’ve also been running, putting in a 30 mile week last week. And sunday saw me out on the bike with Andy H, the first time we’ve managed to get out since May. We took in a steady 31 miles around the lanes and just made it back before the heavens opened.

The realignment of my thinking and processing of food is going well and I’m now 16 pounds down. A couple more and I’ll be under the sixteen stone barrier. I want to be under the fifteen stone one by the end of the year, with an aim to be below fourteen for racing next summer.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching over what I will be doing next year. I had a plan in my head but I think realistically I need to shelve that for a year, and give my body time to adjust and get strong. I need my legs to be good again. For what I want to do I’d need to be in the shape of my life. There will also be other constraints on life next year with the new book I’ll lose weekends to signings and events, something that played havoc with training last year. Next year was going to be about distance, now it will be about speed.

I’m genuinely gutted to put those plans on ice until 2014 but although my heart thinks I’m wrong, my head knows I’m right. So as they say on Dragons Den, I’m out. I don’t want to fail, I want to succeed and not just scrape through so regrettably my plans to do a Double Ironman in 2013 will be moved back a year.

Ever since I’ve got into Ironman racing my goal has always been to go under 12 hours, I’m 58 minutes shy of that. I’m working with a new coach and have a wonderful opportunity to better myself, I WANT to achieve my goal. I believe I will. I need to be light, I need to be lean and I need to make huge improvements in my cycling and running and I need to rediscover the hunger that I had in 2009 going into Frankfurt. I think I have that hunger again, I won’t waste it.

So 2013 I will be racing Ironman. I will be leaving nothing out on the course or the training routes. It’s time to stop playing, it’s time to realise my potential. I’ll either be at The Outlaw – I’ve some serious unfinished business on that course or in Bolton for Ironman UK.
And then when I’ve gone sub 12 I’m going to become a double ironman.

ps: If you’d like some further inspirational reading then please check out the blog of my mate and reader of this one, Cort The Sport. She just came third in the US nationals and will be representing her home country at the world sprint championships in Auckland this year and London next. I find her writing and go to attitude inspirational. Well done Cort on a great achievement.


18 responses to “2013 and all that.

  1. Not for the first time I am glad to hear common sense talking. That said I pissed myself as you talked about short distance speed and then it turned out you were referring to Ironman as short distance.

    • Well compared to a double it is short!! I think that developing my shorter speed, especially with running, working on getting my minutes per mile down to under 7.30 comfortably will help. I also harbour ambitions to get quicker at sprint distance with an aim of sub 70 minutes but maybe the two don’t mix?

  2. interesting. I have run a sub 19 minute 5km before and would love to get back into that sort of shape.

  3. Awww, thanks for the mention!! WOW! Now you have to get the book finished and get that book signing in London! I can’t tell you how excited I am and hope that the planets will align for a meet-up. The whole family is planning to come, the husband and the boys, so warn your fellow citizens!!

  4. Really enjoyed your book, thinking of having a bash…
    What’s your ‘processing of food’ about?
    Also what program do you use for writing your book?

    • Found your nuttella post, so a Paleio diet….

    • Yep an adaptaion of Paleo, going well so far. I do all my writing using Word, can be a little frustrating at times but it’s fairly standard for sharing with the publisher, editors etc…
      Glad you enjoyed my book, good luck with your own if you decide to go down that route – it’s more tiring than doing an actual Ironman but also a very rewarding experience and a wonderful way of recording your memories.

  5. Looking forward to the new book coming out. Is there a publication date yet?

  6. Loving the “first” book so far (I’m 45% through – thanks Amazon Kindle for that stat!). I’ve just got into Triathlons myself and am into reading up on these Ultrarunning/Triathlon books. As a Brit in the US I really enjoy your writing style and look forward to finishing the book, perhaps the second and probably even some of your ramblings on the blog. Cheers!

  7. Looking forward to the second book, will definitely get you to sign my kindle copy :0)

  8. Just completed the Big Woody 2012 in just under 14 hours, the new hillier run course wasn’t nice! Awesome event, I told my wife never again but three days later……

  9. Its great to see you so focused on your goals. It’s really working for you – weight, speed and future plans. Well done! It’s good to see your head winning! You’re in this for the long term, so you’re dead right to take time out to strengthen and heal.

    You continue to inspire me! When I grow up (tri-wise) I wanna be a Holgs …!!

    • Aww thanks Brit, very kind of you to say so. Hope your training is going well. Been too busy to pop into THE thread, but will be back once the book is done.
      Yeah for once I’m thinking long term, I have goals that I’ve always had, I need to put them to bed before moving on.

      And when I grow up I wanna be…..oh who am I kidding I’m never going to grow up 😉

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