Journey’s End.

At 6am on Sunday an airhorn will sound and the tranquil waters at the National water sports centre in Nottingham will become a violent churning maelstrom of bodies, a neoprene ballet of excitement, anticipation and fear.

A journey of 140.6 miles that began for many, months, maybe years ago. A journey that doesn’t begin on the start line. A journey that will see each individual ask themselves more questions than they ever thought they’d ask. A journey that will hurt. A journey that will inspire. A journey that will be over in the blink of an eye, regardless of the time. A journey of thrills and hopefully no spills. A journey that will be shared with loved ones and strangers alike. A journey that will be tracked. A journey that will be celebrated. A journey that may redefine who you are. A journey that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

And at journey’s end, you will be an OUTLAW.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. The Outlaw is an amazing race, savour it, enjoy it and most of all finish it. I’d especially like to wish all the first timers the best of luck, too many to mention individually but you know who you are. You’ll never get another crack at a first Ironman race, have a great journey.

For those with nothing better to do this Sunday, I’m number 522 and you can track me here on the day. I’m hoping to better my 2010 time of 14.17.

Hopefully my own personal Journeys End will be a good one this Sunday evening.


10 responses to “Journey’s End.

  1. Good luck to all COLT team members, especially the girls, enjoy your first Ironman experience, your fellow COLT’s are proud of you.

  2. Good luck Holgs.

    Race strong Ironmen. Be your own heroes!

  3. Hey great story oming to the end of your book at the moment on my kindle and I saw this blog through a friend. Good read and a story not to dissimilar to mine. Please see my site and blog at good luck at the weekend I will be watching and supporting a friend do will look out for you!

    Next challenge for me apart from the euros next year is half iron distance in deepest lake was water, steepest climbs, hardknot and Wrynose and high rest mountain fell run scarfell and pike

  4. Race well, friend! I will be tracking and cheering!!

  5. Good luck Holgs, just finished your book – fantastic read, inspiring and funny with much of it I can relate to.

    I’ll give you a cheer if I see you. I’m doing the bike leg as part of a team (No.978) and it’ll be my first experience of anything longer than a sprint, but hopefully not my last.

  6. Good luck, I’ll be sure to tune in once I’ve finished my wee event!

  7. I’m already pencilling in 2016 for my attempt at IM 😀
    Good luck Sunday – will keep an eye on the tracker:D

  8. Good Luck! I’ll keep an eye on the Tracker App for you. I did a PB run of 1.9miles yesterday… Pales in comparison!

  9. Good luck Andy and everyone else taking part, gutted to be missing out but I’ll be there chucking water bottles at you from the feed station…..;-)

  10. 14:29:32 – great time Andy – loving your book and my swimming is really improving, hoping to do a sprint tri in september 🙂

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