It’s not you it’s me…

There’s only 12 days to go until The Outlaw, and I’ve got a difficult decision to make. Granted I’m very lucky to be in a position to make this decision, after all not everyone has two bikes.

Since coming back from Lanzarote I’ve been riding the ROO. For those of you unfamiliar with this name, it’s basically my TT bike, a Quintana Roo Seduzza. Basically, my race bike. It’s fast, it feels great to ride and it gives me a hell of a confidence boost when I race on it. But just lately me and ROO have been having our problems, I guess like all couples it happens from time to time. I’m guessing in this instance it really is a case of “It’s not you it’s me….”
I’ve just not been able to get comfortable on the ROO since returning from the volcanic rock, particularly my right wrist. It aches after a couple of miles and I can’t hold the same position. What used to feel so comfortable now feels like torture.

I finally gave up on this mornings ride, going home after an hour and changing the bike for the remaining 30 minutes and instantly I was rewarded with no pain. I just don’t get it, as nothing has changed with the ROO, I was riding it until a couple of weeks before Lanza when I made the decision to take the Giant as it was better suited to climbing.

I’m not aware that I’ve picked up a wrist injury, and to be honest it feels fine in everything I do, other than ride the ROO. I think I’ll have to bite the bullet, and ride the Giant at The Outlaw. But I won’t moan, I’m lucky that I have more than one bike to choose from, but I am utterly perplexed by this.


8 responses to “It’s not you it’s me…

  1. Get a local from the club who does TT on the bike to see if there is anythings strange creating a pressure point.

  2. Is the padding on the arm rest still ok?
    Angle of bars too high/low after rebuild?

    • Yeah the arm rest is fine.
      The bike hasn’t been rebuilt, I took the road bike to Lanza. The only thing that has changed since the ROO used to be fine, is I did Lanzarote. Ever since I came home, the ROO has been painful to ride.

      I’m fine when I’m on the aero bars. It’s the side bars, the ones with the brakes on that I get the pain with. And I use them when breaking, going up hill etc…


  3. Might be worth having the wrist checked out by a doc/physio. I sounds strange alright, especially as you didn’t ride the Roo (oh that sounds a bit dodgy coming from an Australian resident!) in Lanz.
    What’s the outlaw course like? If you think you will be on the aerobars 90% of the time, maybe it’s worth chancing the Roo?

  4. There won’t be any braking or going uphill at the Outlaw!
    In all seriousness, you need to ride what’s comfortable. I’d recommend experimenting with the Roo until the last minute, and take both down with you. I can pop round and look at your setup if you like?

  5. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your wrist, might be wise to consider carpel tunnel as this is where the nerve passes through and the pressure you exert when up on the side bars rather than being aero. The roads took a battering in the winter with pot holes everywhere and especially coming downhill it makes me very wary of going hell for leather. ( Depends where you have been playing on the Roo)
    Padded gloves/ racing mits may help.
    On the plus side the Outlaw course lends itself to being aero and most of the road surface is pretty good, it is also nice and flat especially on the second loop out around Car Colston, just have to hope for some nice weather and it should all turn out fine!!
    Good luck….

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