It’s not every day this happens!

I’m very pleased and proud to announce that I have been nominated for “The New Writer of The Year 2012” at  British Sports Book Awards.

I’m not being coy here when I say I really don’t expect to win, there are some seriously strong and impressive books in my category and I would think that I’m a rank outsider……but I’m used to that and thrive on it to be honest. For the record I think that either the Ghostrunner or Amongst The Fans must be the favourites. You can see the shortlist here
I’m just very happy to be in the mix, I never EVER expecting anything like this when I embarked on putting my story to paper….and I’m constantly blown away by the reaction people have to my book and the fact that thousands of people have read it from all corners of the globe ( strange phrase that, as the globe is round?!?)

What’s also really cool is that this is the first time EVER that a Triathlon book has been nominated, so I’ve got a first in our sport….ahhh I’m savouring that…let’s face it, it’s never going to happen in a race ha ha.
I’m also the only non sports star / journalist / broadcaster to be nominated – which considering the shortlists are drawn up by a panel of journalists is pretty good.

There are also lots of other categories such as Football Book of the year, Cricket Book, Rugby book and Autobiography. To see the full shortlists have a look here. Pitch Publishing / Known The Score who are my publisher have got three other books nominated apart from mine which is a great achievement. These are

Got, Not Got: The A-Z of Lost Football Culture
Tony Greig: A Reappraisal of English Cricket’s Most Controversial Captain
Sporting Chancer: One Man’s Journey to Take on The World

I’ve known about the nomination for a couple of months but I’ve been subject to a confidentiality clause that would have seen my nomination withdrawn if the news had got out.

To celebrate the nomination my publisher has brought out a new Awards edition cover, which is pretty cool. It also contains the reviews inside from the likes of Alistair Brownlee, Cat Morrison, Dean ‘UltraMarathon Man’ Karnazes, Huw Bennett and others. I think it’s pretty cool.

New Awards Cover

New Awards Cover

The award winners will be announced Oscar style when envelopes are opened on the night. It’s going to be a sports star studded ceremony at the very posh Strand Hotel ( hope they let me in ) in London on the 21st May. It’s the 20th year that the awards have been going and the organisers promise that the anniversary celebrations will be special. They are giving an award to one of Em’s favourite authors, Nick Hornby, hope she gets to meet him.
The ceremony will actually be televised here in the UK on Sky Sports so I’d better practice my “I’m happy you won ” face for when the cameras zoom in on me.

If you noticed the date above you’ll realise that it’s only two days after Lanza, hope I’m in one piece to make it there. If by some miracle I win, it could take me an hour to limp up onto the stage, hope they have a good tv editor, or I could just send Em up in her posh frock to accept it on my behalf, after all without her none of this would have been possible.

Right I’m off to try on my new dinner suit and to practice doing up a bow tie, it’s almost as complicated as gear ratios!


7 responses to “It’s not every day this happens!

  1. Congratulations Andy, we spoke not so long on facebook aboiut picking a bike; I hadn’t finished your book then but I have now and I’d pick you to win no problem. Not just because I don’t like footbal, cricket etc or because I don’t really like being a person who is interested celebrities but because you are a down to earth person, a genuine sports man whose wrote a really good book that doesn’t seem to be all exageration and man boasting but about your journey to IroanMan and the hurdles you encountered on the way. I read adventure and sports books quite a lot and I’m not surprised to hear that some endurance athlete has achieved something, but your story is a true inspiration that proves to everyone that if you put in the effort then you too can complete an Ironman. Even though I do get inspired by the sports starts who achieve things it just isn’t the same because I already know they are capable of doing it and I kind of expect them to succeed but you Ironholgs show that normal folk can be come what ever they want to become.

    Congratulations and good luck… if you don’t win at least you have your Ironman achievements, your book and your nominations to remind you of your success.


  2. Nice one holgs. Well done and thoroughly well deserved.

    Bow tie is easy, just stretch the wee elastic round your neck and hook it up 😉

  3. Huge congrats Andy – this is the stuff that my dreams are made of! I’ve re-read your book three times this year already, and have no doubt I’ll be reading it several more times before my next Ironman adventure next March. You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve even re-read it more times that Macca’s “I’m Here to Win”! It’s fantastic that you’ve made it this far, but you deserve a winnng result on the night as well. All the very best, fingers crossed! Jacky

  4. Andy, I may have failed in my efforts to explain gear ratios to you, but if you need any assistance I’m a dab hand at tying (proper) bowties!

  5. Andy – we spoke via Fetcheveryone last year about your running with the Iron Men on Crosby beach.

    I am delighted you have been nominated for this award; your book has inspired many and guided a myriad of people through the nuances of our sport. You may be self-deprectating when you say you will never win an event but you have shown yourself to be a leading figure of our sport in other ways; your book has helped take our sport in its journey from ‘cult minority’ to increasingly popularity and for that we should all be grateful – thank you.

  6. Well done Andy. I have just finished your book and it kept me engaged and entertained while I am communing intensively and with elevation with a bag of frozen peas. I broke my ankle very badly 2 years ago and had only just got back to a bit of running and cycling when I had to have another op on it. I was looking for something a bit different to read (only so many detective novels you can stomach!!) and came across yours. I have now decided after reading it, I am a closet triathlete.
    I live in North Northumberland – and I am beginning to realise the number of athletes there are in this area – including a number of Ironmen and ladies. I keep falling over them in the hills, running in shorts and singlets in all but the most severe weather, cycling over hill and dale in gale force winds and leaping into the rivers with frost still rimming the banksides. Mad fools!! I am not, and will not be up to that level ….but I dream. And your book shows that if you persue even a little bit of the dream it is worth it and can change us for the better.
    Good luck in the awards. Beth.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS on your nomination! What an honour and you have every right to be chuffed. I am off to do my best cheering for friends at Port Macquarie Ironman (Australia) in 2 weeks so all the best in your quest for the ultimate prize – IRONMAN!!!

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