Moving, puking and bricking it.

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks which is why I haven’t really had the time to write a blog, but now things seemed to have calmed down so here we go.

On the 10th February we finally moved after a couple of months of stress, our buyer was great ( I know him ) unfortunately some of the people working for him just caused more stress than was necessary for both sides. The actual move went well, and despite the removals guys joking about cracking my ROO, it arrived safely. I’ve lost the training cellar but I’ve gained a turbo garage, so karma is restored to the world. The house is great, nice and big and lots of room for Charlotte to toddle around in, funny how nothing no longer seems safe?

Unfortunately two days after the move I was struck down with a violent stomach bug ( it had been doing the rounds at nursery, think I got it there ) that I’ll spare you the details of. Needless to say last week was a total right-off in terms of training as I didn’t get out of bed or eat until Thursday. So when Sunday came around I was itching to get out and do something.

I left the house at 7.30am, and the temperature was -3, the sun wasn’t quite up. I had the full winter gear on and I needed it. Heading it the hills towards the Trough of Bowland it was very tricky with black ice, it had rained hard the day before and the run off from the fields was making cycling near the verge dangerous. Descending towards Caton my back wheel lost traction and I felt the bike starting to slide, without thinking I shifted my considerable weight and somehow kept the bike upright.

After 90 minutes I met up with the COLT Sunday ride, a good turn out of about 12 people, we decided to head North West through Silverdale, Arnside and then back through Holme and the Kellets – for those that don’t know the area this is a great ride, some nasty short climbs and some stunning views.

The view across to The Lake District from Arnside.

I felt ok as we headed out on the flat but as soon as we started to climb I got dropped. Not surprising really, these guys were fresh and if I’m honest all stronger cyclists than me, and I’d got 2 hours in my legs and had been ill. Thankfully at various points usually on the steep climbs Andy Ley and Kev Lindeque d.ropped back and kept me company, and waved away my breathless apologies. I was particularly grateful to Kev who paced me up a tough 20% climb out of Warton that I’d never seen before, it was tough.

In total I was out on the bike for 4hours and 40 minutes and those last 40 minutes were hell, I’d run out of steam, my fingernails hurt from gripping the bars on the climbs, and my feet were frozen. I’d done just over 58 miles when I got back which shows you that a) it was a tough ride and b) I wasn’t on top form.

My training program called for a 20 minute transition run, so, despite the aches that’s what I did and I actually shocked myself about how strong I felt. I was dead on the bike but my legs suddenly woke up and the 20 minutes whizzed by.

A big bowl of shredded wheat and a hot bath rounded off a great session, but the recovery was even better as we took Charlotte out on her bike in the sunshine.

A lot of work to be done in the 12 weeks until Lanza, but hopefully with family drama, moving and illness behind me I can have a solid run in. I’ll keep you posted.


4 responses to “Moving, puking and bricking it.

  1. Have just finished your book in two days-addictive & inspirational!.has given me the push I needed to start exercising after a difficult time,-a pregnancy, looking after my brave mum who finally lost her battle with cancer last month,and a scare with our 5month old in icu(fully recovered now).we re on a break in Wales but when I get back to Ireland next week I’m renewing my gym membership and will aim to complete my second ever tri by the end of the year! Thank you and good luck with your training!

    • Hi Lily,
      Thanks for posting a comment. Really pleased that you enjoyed my book and found it inspirational. .
      Sorry to hear about your mum.
      Glad to hear that your baby is fully recovered, as a dad I know how terrifying it is when you have to take your child to hospital and they can’t tell you what’s wrong!
      Good luck with the tri training and have a great race when your second one comes around.

  2. Just started your book extremely addictive! Your circumstances are similar to my own, although I can probably trump your weight!! I’m still on the journey but reached a stall point, but your story has refreshed my enthusiasm, just need to kick the man flu! A friend had mentioned a tri at Christmas and I’ve being toying with the idea but my swimming is crap! I’ve gone from 28st10 down to 16st10 but I’m back around 19st after dodgy end to 2011. I’ve 2 halfs in the bag and a couple of 10Ks. I can’t put your book down and I’m really thinking sprint may be a way for me to try it out!!

    • Hi Kevin,
      WOW that’s an amazing amount of weight to lose – very well done.
      Don’t beat yourself up though that some has crept back on, I myself am 1-2 stones over race weight at the moment. Just stay determined and work at it and it will slowly come back off, that’s happening to me at the moment.
      Your swimming being crap isn’t an excuse, mine still is crap 😉
      Try and get some technique training, check out your local pool / tri club to see if they offer any.
      Given your running accomplishments you’ll have no problem completing a sprint traithlon. Go for it!.
      Good luck with the weight loss and the training, I’m sure you’ll do it and have great fun along the way.

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