Ice Ice Baby

No I haven’t suddenly become a “Vanilla Ice” impersonator, I just thought it would make a good blog post title after this mornings spill. Nothing major, was plodding my way into work, nice and steady when I suddenly hit the deck, or rather my knees did.

I’d hit a patch of ice and I landed knees first with my lower legs splayed out to the sides, my left ankle tucked under my body at a weird angle. Luckily the backpack stopped my back and head from hitting the floor, so no damage there. Slowly I got to my feet, my ankle hurt like hell, I could feel warmth in the area, and guessed that I’d cut myself. My knees ached as well but I wasn’t going to investigate as I was wearing running tights. Thankfully I only had about 1/2 a mile to go to get into work. I stripped off and sure enough I had some nice grazes on my knees and a nasty cut on my ankle. I didn’t have any antiseptic so I cleaned them up with alcohol hand gel, stung a bit and put plasters on. Nice starts to the week.

Maybe I need to look at my choice of footwear? My Nike Lunarglides have been wonderful in terms of clearing up my achilles and hamstring niggles but they have a Teflon sole that doesn’t grip anything. Maybe I need a sturdier sole in icy conditions.

So other than my little spill my training has been going really well. My swimming is improving, several 2k swims and the coached interval sessions with COLT have seen me gain confidence again in the water. I feel like my swim endurance is starting to appear again, my swim speed? Well, that probably never existed in the first place.
My running is ticking over nicely, distances are building up and aches are staying well hidden. Ofcourse that might change when I try to run home later today.
My cycling is getting there, I’ve not managed to get any long rides in really because of my family situation at the moment. My coach has been understanding and adjusted my schedule to include intense turbo sessions of up to an hour instead of 3-4 hour endurance rides. These have been going well and from this week we are adjusting my heart rate zones ( a sign that I’m getting fitter ). I also got a 30 mile ride in on Tuesday night in the thick fog. It was with the Chain Gang – unfortunately I got dropped before I got to the front, but as they reached speeds of 50km per hour, that was no surprise really. Still I worked hard trying to chase them down.

So I’m pleased with my progress over the last couple of weeks, it all seems to have been positive.

Hope everyone else is also making progress.



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