Never rains but it pours

Just got back from a great weekend with Em and Charlotte over on the East coast of Yorkshire. We stayed in Scarborough and visited Whitby, somewhere that Em has always wanted to go to. It was just so nice to get away as a family and enjoy each others company after a few hectic weeks.

Most of this past week has seen one of us throwing up at any given point. I started it last Sunday, Em said that I sounded like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. I spent most of my birthday hugging a toilet bowl and guessing what it was that had just come back up. What was doubley annoying was that I had a base fitness test scheduled with my coach. He was going to assess me on his watt bike and work out what level to pitch my training plan for Lanzarote. Trust me it wouldn’t have been at any level, except maybe dead. Consequently I didn’t train at all last week, there was no point as I didn’t eat. I’d graduated to rice pudding and plain rice by tuesday / wednesday, thankfully my appetite is back on track now and I’m keen to kick off the training regime again this week. I’m also hoping to get that fitness test sorted out.

One other thing I need to find the time to do is visit my local bike shop because I broke a spoke cleaning my bike, so I need to get that sorted ASAP. It never rains but it pours as us Brits are so fond of saying.


3 responses to “Never rains but it pours

  1. Hi Andy
    I’ve just read your book in 4 days (pretty quick for me) having stumbled upon it in the library and have to say I really enjoyed it. I love your determination despite setbacks that occur occasionally. As a reasonably fit 56 yr old but with one very dodgy knee (ACL injury) and achilles and hip soreness, I wondered if I am past training for triathlons even if they weren’t of the Iron variety! Do you know of any “veterans” that have started this late in life?

  2. Jez,
    I believe there was a guy in his 70’s who finished Kona in 2011. He taught himself to swim aged 52 and since then has completed 21 ironmans. I am sure 4 years wouldn’t make that much difference! Saying that I am 25 and my bum is killing after my first training session on a bike for my first tri, maybe i shall rethink this whole thing!

    • Jez,

      I agree with Ellie, age isn’t a barrier to Ironman or indeed shorter more sensible triathlons. The cross training will actually be less strain than just all out running. I’ve met plenty of people that are above your age, one of the guys who regularly chews me up and spits me out on the bike is in his sixties.
      Get your knee sorted out, and have a go.
      Triathlons are great fun, and the sewnse of achievement when you finish your first is brilliant.

      Good luck with everything.

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