Old and Knackered

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks, have you been enjoying the peace and quiet? The reason being that I’ve just been:

a) Way too busy at work – start of new university term = chaos for me.
b) Poor little Charlotte has had chickenpox – so been all hands on deck at home.
c) Choice of train or blog – I chose to train.
d) Any free time ( ha ha ) has been spent collapsed in a heap watching tv, talking to Em and eating.
e) In bed asleep by 10pm – knackered.

So my blogging has gone a bit y the way side – things have calmed down a little now both at work and at home so hopefully I’ll find the time again.

I have been training, mostly on the bike – mixed really. Had a cracking 50 odd mile ride with the A team one week and then last Sunday had to abandon the ride after 20 odd miles as I felt so ill.
My self-imposed 2 month exile from running is almost over. I said I’d start again in November, having given my legs time to rest and recover. I’ve been usuing a roller on my calves and hamstrings so hopefully I’ll be ok. I’ll start a day early, running home tonight with my mate Simon, fresh off his marathon debut a couple of weeks back.

This past week whilst looking after Charlotte has given me lots of time to be thinking about the coming year and what I want from it – there’ll be a post on that in the very near future, and one on how my weight ‘management’ is coming along.

kindle book

The Kindle cover

Finally my book has been released worldwide as an e-book. It is available for the Kindle and the Ipad. It got off to a great start being the No.1 triathlon ebook in the United Kingdom and the United States, and has been steady ever since. I’m just pleased as an avid Kindle supporter that my little story is available to those of us that like our e-readers. I don’t actually think I’ve read a paper copy of a book for over a year now, which for a librarian is probably quite sad but an indicator of the way the world of literature has changed in the last year.

Oh yeah I almost forgot I did a short filmed interview for a training website about Ironman, triathlon and what motivates and scares me. It’s only a couple of minutes long so make a brew and have a watch here on youtube  Video Interview

In my defence I’d been teaching 9-5 ( it was filmed at 5.30 ) and not slept much the night before – my usual make up artist and stylist was not available hence I looked old and tired.
Oh sod it – who am I kidding – I am old, and knackered.


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