Keeping the fire burning

Well last week didn’t really go to plan, I took the week off to get some decent cycling training into my legs and ended up with just one 40 mile ride and an hour on the turbo. This was all due to baby Charlotte being ill and off from nursery. So my days were spent playing, watching Disney channel, clearing up various substances ( you don’t want to know ) and feeding a grizzly baby. My evenings were spent collapsing in a heap as I was totally knackered. It’s hard work being a full-time parent, hats off to Em who did it for 9 months. Anyways you can read about my week in my weekly column for EveryManTri here: The Best laid plans of mice and men

This weekend I managed to get out for a club ride and we covered 38 miles in 3 hrs 20 minutes. It wasn’t quick but there was a serious amount of climbing involved ( can’t tell you how much as my garmin is broken ). Again my legs felt strong, and the hills didn’t seem as daunting as they did during the summer. I’m taking this to be a good sign.

In other news my Dad managed to fix the saddle back to the seat post of the Roo. Good job he’s an engineer and knows what he’s doing. He disappeared into his workshop and emerged a little while later with it fixed. Two local bike shops didn’t want to know, Evans ( national chain ) were helpful but couldn’t get Quintana Roo to fix it – they said they couldn’t and wanted to sell me $200 new seat post that “Might not fit and creak significantly”. Wonderful customer service, I’LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER OF THEIR BIKES / PRODUCTS.

So the Roo, with saddle is on the turbo trainer. I managed an hour of intervals, working on increasing heart rates. I was amazed at how much it hurt and how much I sweated. I looked like I’d just stepped out of the shower. But I felt really good – the only problem is boredom, even with the DVD player. You just can’t beat being out there in the fresh air.

My hamstring hasn’t given me any problems since I stopped running at the beginning of the month. I’ve ordered a foam roller and will start a massage programme to help my tight calves and hammies – hopefully that will get me back running again in time for Ironman training in November.

That’s the positives over with, now unfortunately the negatives. My Garmin 310xt is broken. I did a firmware update last week and it’s not picked up a satellite lock since then. I’ve contacted customer support after clearing the cache and a hard reset didn’t work. Hopefully they’ll have a solution as I miss using it, although I find that a bit sad. I guess I’m just getting addicted to seeing my workouts on Garmin Connect.

The very bad news was that when I weighed myself on Monday after 10 days of eating well, keeping a food diary etc… I’d put on 2lbs. The scales almost went through the bathroom window. I was so deflated, what the hell do I have to do? I’m come in under calorie limit every day, and well under on days when I put sessions in. For example in the 3.20 ride I burned off 2000 calories, my daily allowance in 2020, my intake that day was 1929. So I was under and then didn’t take the extra 2000 calories I’d earned. Several friends have suggested I’m not eating enough? I know that a fire burns fiercer when it’s properly fueled, but in my head I just can’t shake “The less I eat the lighter I’ll be.” Any thoughts people? I’ve actually fired off an email to a nutritionist today to seek advice. I need to get this right, I don’t want it to dominate my life and define who I am.


10 responses to “Keeping the fire burning

  1. Mate, hate to say it but you need to analyse the amount of calories you think you are burning when training. Find it hard to believe that 38 miles on a bike would burn 2000 cals, hell I don’t do 2000 cals in 20 miles of running.

    Analysis is key

    Look at what you eat and when you eat it as well, yes it is about cals in and cals out but if you under estimate how much you eat and over eat how much you burn then ……. Confession from me is that I over eat in the evenings and this brings me a lot of frustration.

  2. Thanks Gobster – just taking the calories burned thing from the Garmin heart rate function. I know it’s an estimate but it’s the best I have. Is there another way?
    I used to overeat in the evenings but have been really careful – it’s just frustrating. I know it won’t happen overnight, I’m in this for the long haul.

  3. I have found that eating too little can also be an issue, it does seem to break all sense of logic but I am told its because the body goes into starvation alert and fiercely holds onto body fat. Not that you are starving yourself but you may need to find that happy balance, best of luck and it does tend to even out over a few weeks when you are being good so don’t get too furtarted with single readings.

  4. frustrated obviously πŸ™‚

  5. I really am finding the paleo for athletes (ish) is working for me. I appreciate it may not work for everyone but is relatively easy to try and maybe worth a shot.
    Not that I want you to get all thin and lean as I want to kick you ass next year πŸ˜›

    • Yeah it seems like Wiganer is having some success with that as well. Have downloaded it for my Kindle and will read it next. Basic idea to avoid anything processed I presume? Thanks for the concern Pet, you will not be kicking my ass, even if you do have a one hour “womens perogative” handicap headstart…..making the rules up as you go along πŸ˜‰

  6. I eat no carbs at all other than a small amount after training. Snacks are fruit and berries and the odd full fat yoghurt.
    The main view is avoiding sugar, which in turn means avoiding processed food and ‘low fat’, ‘fat free’ etc.
    I feel good and losing 1 – 2 lbs a week so hoping I can keep it off.
    True test will be the HIM on Sunday I guess!

  7. Bummer to hear about the not-so-good Roo customer service. You’ve not had the bike but a few years, right? it really should have been on them as an obvious flaw they should make right. Q Roo has a facebook page, you should link to your blog there!!!

    I’ve had decent luck with Garmin customer support. Recently I had issues and they offered to swap out my watch with a refurb for a very nominal fee (turned out the foot pod was my issue, we think…and they sent me a new one of those). So at the very least ask them to swap it out!!

    For whatever reason my weight always seems to be up a bit in the fall. My only suggestions, and I’m sure you know these, would be LOTS of fibrous veggies in most meals to feel full and be sure you have enough protein and healthy fats in every meal b/c they keep you full longer. Taper back carbs later in the day. My pre-bed snack is casein protein powder with a spoon full of peanut butter all mixed with water into a yummy slurry. I’m working to lean up a bit before my marathon. I haven’t quite figured out how hard I want to work to do that though!

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