New Month, New me??

Well Summer is officially over, actually when the hell did it begin this year? I think we had one decent day in May and then the rest of it was a bit of a wash out. So with one race left this season my mind this week has been fully focused on next season, and the L race, that rock somewhere in the Atlantic.

So yes it’s a new month and yes we are going to see a new me. I’m using the next months to work really hard on losing some weight ahead of my 30 week ironman training plan starting in November. For those that have read my book, or are regular readers of this blog you’ll probably have picked up on the fact that I have an unhealthy relationship with food, something that stems I think from a previous marriage and the way I was treat. I have body issues that I just can’t shake sometimes – but I guess even supermodels have days when they look in the mirror and think “Shit, better just eat one stick of cellary today!”

I’ve lost a stone in weight ( mostly I think to my thyroid coming back in line after getting put on the correct dosage ) this year BUT I’m still technically obese ( BMI 31 ), and I’d be at the top range of the Clydsdale category in Triathlon ( If I was in the States ). The extra weight will kill me in Lanzarote, I NEED to lose it. Simple.

I’ve started keeping an online food diary at a website called MyFitnessPal hopefully this will make me more disciplined with my calorie intake. It lets me track all my food and exercise intake and keeps me informed of what my daily calorific basal rate is, basically what I need to eat to just maintain my body. Now obviously the more I exercise the more calories I earn, and if I don’t take these extra calories then theoretically I should produce a negative balance and lose weight. Calories in < Calories burned = weight loss.

I’m also going to be recording and uploading more of my training to the Garmin Connect site so you will be able to see what I’m actually doing. Hopefully at the end of the month I’ll be able to give a report on my monthly totals, again more structure and discipline.

It’s a hell of a long shot, but by the time May comes around I need / want to have lost in the region of 42 pounds. Simply I need to transform my body. I want 2012 to be the year I stop playing at this and actually give myself a sporting chance of getting a pb.

Wish me luck, give me abuse if I start slacking and please advise me with any tips.

Right that was the serious stuff over with. Much joking about my arse and a certain seatpost has taken place over the last two weeks. Most of it very funny – and hey I can laugh at myself. Well I’d just like to report that this week I ventured back out after having a week of complete rest to recover. I did 30 miles on the bike, and the hills I’ve struggled with all year ( small and short ) seemed non-existant as I powered up them. I was dead chuffed at that. And I also managed my first run, a 9.6 miler including some hill reps. Felt good at the time but unfortunately since then my dodgy left hamstring has begun playing up.

So I’m positive about the hard work that is needed to create a new me, yes I’m fat but I’m not going to be. Watch this space.

Finally good luck to everyone racing this weekend, especially my friends at the Vit, and my COLT clubmates at Helvelyn who may become North West champions.


7 responses to “New Month, New me??

  1. Mate, joking aside STOP if the season is done and take a proper break before starting on that rather long 30 week plan. Give the body chance to recover so you start training healthy. I know people like me bang on and on but you have an injury. I’m not saying do nothing but stay away from running for a bit and adopt a more sensible approach to building it up, 9.6 miles is NOT a sensible first run back after a race after a break caused by injury. Call me if you want to chat.


    • Have a sprint race at the end of September, that might be the only run I do. If the hammy doesn’t feel right I may take September off from running and let in heal. I know I can cycle and swim without it being a problem.
      The 9.6 miles wasn’t supposed to be that long, just got carried away running with a slower clubmate.
      Thanks for the advice and offer.

  2. Angus Clydesdale

    The best part of 3 stone in about 8 months. That’s not crazy stuff but it is just over a lb each week, every week. I will be trying to match you; it’ll be nice to get my beach body back *smileysunglassyface*.

  3. You sound very determined, I have no doubt you’ll get the weight off. I just read this great quote – “Battles are won on the gym floor. Wars are won in the kitchen.” ( Same goes for triathlon. Go to War, Holgs!

  4. Sharon (Mrs Funkin)

    Holgs, of course you can lose the weight 🙂 I am currently losing weight to try to give myself the best chance of standing on the start line at VLM in April. So far have shed 30 pounds in 18 weeks…if I can you can 🙂 All the best in your next challenge, see you in Twitland 🙂

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