From Ironman to Glassman

It’s going to be a pretty short ramble from me this week as I’ve not done much due to family, illness and injury. It’s a good job I’m tapering, I can’t believe how quickly the half ironman in Ely next week has come around. I’m really just looking forward to getting it over with and then having a couple of solid training months before starting Ironman base training for next May.

One of my mates has nicknamed me “Glassman” as I’m injured. It’s probaly well deserved at the moment. Ten days ago I went for a run, was feeling great, striding out, under 8 min miling and feeling comfortable. Suddenly my left hamstring just felt stiff and painful, not a full on BANG more of a sharp slap. I immediately stopped and walked the five minutes back to work. After showering, the walk up the stairs to my office was agony, with every step my hamstring spasmed. Three weeks to my ‘A’ race I was not a happy bunny. Did all the usual, RICE, and it seems to have worked. Although I’ve not run since, to be honest I’ve been scared to incase it broke down completely. I’m still in two minds whether to ‘test run’ it this weekend or just wait until race day and hope for the best.
Reflecting on it, it’s my own stupid fault. My regular running shoes were at home, these conatined my orthotics. At work I had my racing shoes sans orthotics, not as stable and therefore probably a different gait, leading to the injury. I really should know better but that day I was so up for running I didn’t weant to waste the opportunity. So I shattered like a Glassman through my own stupidity.

The illness was pretty unavoidable really, my daughter Charlotte has started nursery and as such has been exposed to whole new world of germs. Bless her, she’s been very ill, culminating in a dash to hospital this past Sunday after she vomited more than her body weight all over me. I was dripping from head to toe, but thankfully she was alright. A viral infection, and a chesty cough has seen us up throughout the night this week. It was ineviatble that Em and I caught it, so if this had been medievil England they’d have nailed our front door shut and painted a big red cross on it.
Consequently I gave open water swimming a miss this week as I didn’t fancy a full on coughing fit in the middle of a lake.

The only positive from this week has been my biking. Two 30+ mile rides at a decent pace, feeling strong, feeling good apart from the chest. Am hoping to test the ROO this weekend ahead of next weekends race, make sure everything is working.

So there you have it, not exactly an inspiring entry from me. But as my mate said I’ve gone from an Ironman to Glassman. Next week I’m hoping the Ironman will be back.


One response to “From Ironman to Glassman

  1. I am new to triathlon, just starting to train. I have just got a bike a giant defy compact. Im also reading your book and am finding it funny regarding the clip pedals and the number of times you fell. I can relate to this and am on a turbo charger to get used to them before a ride out. lol. I have toyed with the Idea for years now to do a triathlon and its all about belief. I have marked the blenhiem palace tri event as my first one next year but the super sprint distance , I have relatives in the area but im a newcastle lad but supports sunderland. If you point me in direction on trainning and useful websites that would be good as I dont know where to start. I did my first half marathon last year the great north run and did that in 2:27. I was over the moon and now tri events are going to be my challenges.

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