I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

I’ve not posted for a couple of weeks which firmly places me on the Blogging Naughty Step. I could claim that I was just being lazy but to be honest I’ve been really really busy, I shall summarise in the hope that I’m allowed off the step and back into polite society.

1. Thyroid

Regular readers and those that have read my book will know that I suffer with an underactive thyroid. Last year my body went into meltdown as my thyroid went haywire. Short version : 3 stones added, zero energy levels, barely made it round the Outlaw Ironman, got a hospital referral several days later. Tests, tests and more tests led to me being prescribed T3 to supplement the thyroxine hormones I am already taking for life. It’s worked, or is working. My last set of results show that my blood levels are stabilizing and that I’ve lost almost a stone. My energy levels are back, and despite rushing round after a new baby I feel more energised than I did last year. So I’ve been discharged from the hospital, but will continue having regular blood tests to keep me in check. SO this is important because it lets me know that now my body is ready to do some training, and hopefully the weight should melt off if I step things up. This is the green light I needed for my fastest ever Ironman in Summer 2012. Come On!

2. Needing an ‘A’ Race

My ‘A’ race for this year was meant to be the brilliant Cleveland Steelman, a half Ironman that I’ve done twice before. I’d entered last year and have been gearing up for it. Then I get an email from my publisher telling me that they’ve signed me up to a major book signing deal in Bristol for the new harbourside triathlon there on the 3rd July, my signing is the day before on the Saturday ( the same day as the Steelman ).
So as a result I’m now looking for a new ‘A’ race. I did for a few brief moments last week look at The Outlaw and Ironman Wales, but then common sense got the better of me. I’m also considering The Chester Marathon in October but not sure the extra pressure on my knees would be worth it in the run up to next year. My main focus is looking at the half Ironman in Ely, Cambridgeshire on August 21st. Nice and flat and will be an opportunity to catch up with family, and some friends from Fetch. Just need to work out the logistics.

3. Upcoming Races

In the days following my withdrawal from the Steelman I entered a few races, I needed something to focus on before I foolishly entered an Ironman on the spur of the moment.
I entered two sprint triathlons, St. Anne’s on the 22nd May and Fleetwood on the 25th September. Both are pretty much on my doorstep, and both are on closed roads, unusual for smaller races. And at £25 each they won’t break the bank either. Hopefully St Anne’s will get me back into racing and Fleetwood will finish off the season. Just need to fill in the gaps in between.
I also entered a sportive called Le Tour De Stavely a 48 mile hilly bike ride in the English Lake District. Andy H has done this before and loved it, this year myself and Dave The Ex-Spartan will be dragging ourselves round and indulging in the free beer at the end. It would be rude not to.

4. Getting Quicker

I’ve been training hard, have joined a new gym, got a new weights and core routine and had my road bike fixed. Last week in the soaring temperatures I also managed to bang out a 5 mile run in under 40 minutes without throwing up. Obviously the weight loss and the interval training I’ve been doing with COLT have helped to make me quicker. My goal of steadily running 7.30 minute miles by the end of the year is looking a slight step closer.

5. Book Signings and Review

The book got a great little review in the May edition of 220 Triathlon being described as “An inspirational story”.
At the London book fair it was picked up by an Australian distributer, so it should be getting a wider release down under.
I now have upcoming book signings for Waterstones in the UK on the following dates:

  • Preston Saturday 29th April 1pm
  • Derby Saturday 14th May 11:30am
  • Liverpool Saturday 25th June Time TBC
  • Bristol Saturday 2nd July Time TBC

If you are around on any of those dates pop along and say hello.

6. Guest Speaking

I almost fell off my chair last week when I received an email inviting me to be a guest speaker at the 2011 Keswick Mountain Festival

The festival features a couple of very popular triathlons, a sportive and an openwater swim in Derwent Water. Add to this talks from Mark Beaumont, Ray Mears and Sir Chris Bonington MBE and you get the picture.

I shall be talking in the marque by the lake on Saturday 21st May for approximately an hour from 3pm. It will be free, organizers however would like people to make a small donation to their chosen charity on entry to the marque.

This is a really big deal for me, and I’m extremely excited. Just need to work out what I’m going to talk about now.

So are you going to let me off the naughty step then? Sometimes with working full time, and being a dad, I wonder how the hell I have the time to fit all of this into my life.

I guess as Bon Jovi once sang “I’ll sleep when I’m Dead!”


One response to “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

  1. Good to see your blog again. Awesome news about your thyroid levels getting sorted! Must be a huge relief.
    I’m hoping to enter the Townsville Sprint Triathlon in Sept this year – I live in N.Z but my sister lives in Townsville, Australia. Be a good excuse for a holiday I say.
    Life’s pretty busy all right. Keep up the good work – that’s a pretty impressive 8 km time BTW – ‘speedy Holgs’.

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