Weird Week?

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you’ve been training where it’s felt like that for every 3 steps forward you take, the next day you take 2 back? Or is that just me?

Let me explain.

Last Wednesday night (23rd March), I plodded out the door to meet up with my fellow COLTs Running the 2.5 miles to the meeting point with  my mate Simon I felt fine. I organise the session, so I called pyramids : 1,2,3,2,1 minutes and then repeat off 1 minute recovery. We ran another couple of miles to warm up the other 6 triathlete’s who showed up and then we started to get into the fast stuff. Now I had been in a rush when I left the house and I forgot to strap my knee ( my left kneecap doesn’t track correctly causing pain ), by the time we hit the 3 minute mark I was in agony. I felt mentally and physically strong but my left leg was on the verge of collapse, especially when my achilles joined the pain fest trying to outdo my knee. I completed the session, very slowly, and then begged a lift home, rather than running. I’d still managed to get 10 miles in, which is nothing to be sniffed at.

Later that night I couldn’t even touch my kneecap without wincing in pain, thinks weren’t looking good. The next morning I walked to work ( 3.5 miles ) and felt fine, the achilles was tight but my knee felt ok. That night I met Andy for a run, thinking I’d be really suffering. Yet I ran strongly, felt refreshed and could have gone a lot faster. It just didn’t make sense.

Then this past Monday I ran the fastest 5k of the past 2 years, each mile was under 8 minutes with no pain at all. Tuesday and today were fine, yet last night again with COLT I was in pain and suffering. I did 7.5 miles and a few speed reps, maybe it’s the increase in speed? Anyone usually run ok on solid runs but suffer on intervals and speedwork? And yes I know we should suffer on those, but not in a crippling way!

Also had a bit of a set back on the bike on Saturday when after 21 miles I snapped a rear wheel spoke. I stopped immediately and didn’t ride so hopefully the wheel won’t have been compromised. I was riding with Andy H, and luckily it went within a mile or two of his house, so the support car from Thurnham Cycles ( Pam ) came and rescued me and took me home. The local bike shop couldn’t fix it until the third week of April!!! Luckily Lancaster has a great roving mechanic who can do it next week.

And to end the week I’ll be doing a book signing at The Trafford Centre this coming Saturday. I’ll be in Waterstones from 1pm. For those of you that aren’t in the UK or have never been to the Trafford Centre it’s one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe. Not to put too finer point on it, I’m sh*tting myself. I’ll report back next week.

But I can’t end a blog on a downer so I’ll end by wishing one reader luck and congratulating another. My training partner, super domestique and mate, Andy H is off to Belgium tomorrow to ride the Tour of Flanders. Good luck, enjoy the ride and more importantly the belgium beer afterwards.

And he won’t thank me for this but well done to Gobi who represented Wales this past weekend at the Anglo Celtic Plate 100km race. He didn’t run as quickly as he can ( he’s bloody quick ) but he still toughed it out. Well done.

So have a good weekend everyone and think of me on Saturday.


2 responses to “Weird Week?

  1. No need, I was shocking :¬)

  2. Your shocking is my “bloody quick” and an international appearance is a great achievement. So shhhh…. in my best librarian voice ;-P

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