Lights, Camera…..err…action?

I’ve been suffering with a heavy cold over the last week or so, it caused me to abandon my COLT running session on Wednesday night. It was probably a good thing that Em and Charlotte were away because I was a grumpy so and so, even Crosby the cat avoided me that night. Daft really because I still managed to plod for 6 miles, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.
I then managed a 3 mile run on Thursday and a 6.5 mile run on Saturday morning, again feeling like I’d taken a step backwards – not in terms of the quality of my running, more in terms of my cold going.

So training wise it was a mixed week, however it’s been really busy in terms of book news so I thought I’d share a few things with you.

Last Sunday I appeared on UK television on BBC One North West News, you can view the 50 second interview by clicking the image below.

TV interview Andy Holgate author of Can't Swim Can't Ride Can't Run

Blink and you'll miss me.

Now that 50 seconds took 2.5 hours to film. And no it wasn’t because I was crap, we didn’t have to shoot anything more than once. They just have loads of footage of me that they never used because the awful events in Japan dominated the news, and rightly so.

The filming started with me being a librarian. What do librarians do? Yes that’s right they shelve books. Well actually No I don’t, but apparently the BBC’s viewers would expect to see me shelving books, so that’s what I did. I didn’t however wear a cardigan and a drew the line at having my hair in a bun.

Next it was off to the University Swimming Pool. They’d obviously heard about my swimming prowess and reputation because they’d roped off two lanes for me. It was actually more to stop anyone else getting accidentally filmed ( there are strict rules about filming people without their permission ). So close up shots of me putting on my swim cap, my goggles, and looking out over the pool in anticipation ( that’s what they said they wanted ). This was followed by me diving in ( never done that in a race ) and then swimming lots. All of this took the best part of an hour and was condensed into about 2 seconds. Probably just as well because any longer and my swim technique would have had people calling into Points Of View to complain.

Quickly got dried off and changed and then it was back to my office to get the ROO before heading off to the new campus woodland trail to film me running and biking. Now we were outside so we had to recalibrate the microphone that was attached to my cycle jersey, the frequency needed adjusting to eliminate noise pollution from the nearby M6. Earlier inside I had been counting to ten ( I struggled a bit ) to help get the right sound level, unfortunately that was too short, this led to perhaps one of the most surreal moments of my life. Picture the scene:

Me in the woods, dressed from head to toe in figure hugging lycra, holding a carbon bike, wearing a bright yellow helmet and staring into a BBC television camera being directed by another man to recite the popular Nursery rhyme “BAA BAA Black sheep”. I kid you not. I did make him promise me that the footage would never see the light of day.

And people think it is glamorous appearing on tv?

More shots of me running: towards the camera, away from the camera, planting my first as close as I could without kicking it, putting one shoe on, putting two shoes on, holding my shoes, stretching against a tree and a finally pretending to run of transition ( bike leaning on tree ) with the ROO.

Finally we got to the biking part of the filming. The one important thing to say is that I never fell off…phew. The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed that I did however look very wobbly on the bike. Look again, I’m using very small LOOK clip in pedals, and wearing very chunky running shoes. The two are not a match made in heaven. My bike shoes were stuck in transition, keeping the tree company. “You don’t need to get changed, your trainers will look ok.”

Thankfully we wrapped ( get me with the lingo ) just as the heavens opened and it started to pour down. Ok so it took 2.5 hours of filming, and only 50 seconds got shown, and they didn’t mention the title of the book but it was a great experience and one I’d love to repeat. I never ever dreamt that I’d be the subject of a tv interview, no matter how short. It’s something I can so Charlotte when she grows up, and one day my grandkids 🙂

Any readers had any experiences of being on the TV? Would love to hear about it.


5 responses to “Lights, Camera…..err…action?

  1. SofaShoes
    Man up and don’t be so wet. You swim like a girl, ride like a girl and run like a librarian. You do however have book out and that is cool.

  2. As a general enquiry just how do librarians run Gobster?

  3. Sounds like you had a much more enjoyable first TV experience than I did. My first experience was a TV/Media training course. I opened the door into what I thought was a kitchen with a coffee machine and found TV reporters, camera crews and flashing lights. (I felt like Charlie Sheen on a quiet day) With a microphone stuck in my face, the first question “The product you’ve been selling has just killed someone. Do you feel personally responsible for that?” was akin to “Do you still beat your wife?” Not one you can come back from easily. (And no I don’t, never have, never will). Though probably the really fun part was in the sit down interviews. I was in front of one of the top investigative journalists in Australia (she works in London now), with all the makeup, lights, camera’s etc. In the pre interview banter she asked. “How are you today?”. My response, “Fine, really good, thanks”. Her comeback, “Don’t worry I’ll fix that! Roll the cameras”. Gulp!

    Learnt lots and whilst I haven’t killed anyone yet, I’m very concerned about the reports and feel terribly for everyone involved. Would you allow me a little time to gather the facts so I can brief you properly in an hour or so!

    Keep up the great work. Love the Blog!

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