Dirty Comfy Shoes

The good news is that my achilles seems to be holding up quite well, and I’ve given it some hammer over the last couple of days with some progressive mileage of 8, 9 and last night 10 mile runs. Nothing daft, just steady.

Again strapping the knee seems to have had a positive effect on the whole leg as the pain in the achilles and the mills and boon throbbing has subsided. Maybe my kneecap not tracking correctly had thrown the whole leg out of sync and that has been causing the lower leg pain? Maybe I’m over thinking it? BUT it feels fine and I’m more than happy with that.

On Wednesday night I met up with the COLT running group that I help to coach – well when I say coach what I really mean is, I tell them what session we are doing. I ran from home and covered 3 miles before we started the session. There were 8 of us, we ran for about 20 minutes warm up and then we upped the pace as we worked hard through 8 x 2 minute efforts with 1 minute recovery. My legs were a little stiff on the first couple, but I then found some well hidden energy and picked the pace up. I would later pay for that in the last mile as I ran home up the horrendously steep hill that my house is on.

Thursday morning I walked the 3.5 miles to work to try to stop my legs from seizing up completely, and despite the odd twinge they felt fine. So after work I decided I’d run home rather than walk.

I felt good, so reaching the bottom of the University drive I turned left, away from home. I ran along the busy A6, a necessary evil, to reach the canal at Galgate. From there I was on grass until I reached Glasson Dock and joined the coastal path. The fields were deserted except for the early spring lambs, ducks in pairs quacked inquisitively as I plodded past and two herons took to the wing as I approached. The crimson hue of the setting sun was ahead of me, goading me to catch it – there was no bloody chance, this was a slow and steady recovery run.
Then the best part, in the field to my left, just across the swollen waters of the canal a deer shot out of the woods and galloped away seeking cover in the distant trees, I grinned like an idiot, lost in my own perfect world.

The path was horrendously muddy, and my fairly new and very white K-swiss running shoes ( great. Thanks Gobi for the suggestion ) thankfully finally looked like they were proper running shoes i.e Dirty


Dirty Comfy Shoes

Dirty Comfy Shoes


They’ve been working on the canal, draining and re-building parts. This led to a strange half mile experience. In order for the trucks and diggers to reach the canal, they’d laid a corrugated plastic road. It seemed spring-loaded as I pounded along it, almost like a newly laid tartan running track. Very bizarre.

Half way along the coastal path I bumped into my training partner Andy Holme, which was unexpected. He was out running for the first time since suffering a spinal disc injury. He ran and chatted for 5 minutes before he turned and headed home. Great to see him out training again. Welcome back mate 🙂

So I made it home, again after the hill from hell, and felt good. And to prove that I’m house trained I took my comfy and newly muddy shoes off at the door.

Have a good weekend everyone, enjoy the hopefully good weather, safe training and if you are racing, race hard  and have fun. I’ll be training, hopefully on the bike with Team Thurnham Cycles ( Andy Holme and sons ) and spending time with the family.

Oh yeah and I have my first book signing tomorrow night as part of World Book Night. I’ll be at Waterstones in Lancaster, quite possibly on my own. More nervous about that than any race. I’ll let you know how it went next week.


6 responses to “Dirty Comfy Shoes

  1. Glad to see your trainings going well

  2. Dood to hear that AH is back out there after his injury. I’ve heard some good stuff about the K-Swiss – you’d recommend them, then?

  3. Yeah loving my K-Swiss shoes, switched from my usual Asics, and they feel much more responsive than my nimbus.

  4. Nice blog Andy, and a nice suprise meeting you on the path. It was a cracking evening for running and you obviously got the best out of it .
    On behalf of the team at Thurnham Cycles, thanks for the plug!

  5. Hi Andy. Recently finished your book – loved the title, which actually drew me to it. Here I sit at work in New Zealand reading about triathlons – nice blog. Thanks for the encouragement and the down to earth stories. I’ve been running and getting a sore knee (probably need some flash shoes like you) – do you still use those inner souls? Do normal shoe shops prescribe / sell them? Keep up the good work – look forward to ya next book – ‘swimming, cycling and running around the world’ Just a suggestion 🙂

    • Hi Les,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog, hope all is well in NZ. Glad that you liked the book. Yeah I still use insoles called “Superfeet” in my shoes, I use the green ones for running, but there are other types depending on what you need. I just buy mine from sports shops over here, I’m sure there will be a similar thing in NZ, or online. Might be worth getting someone to do a gait analysis for you, possible that you are running in the wrong sort of shoes for your feet?
      NOW that book sounds a lot of hard work, think the Mrs might have something to say if I said I was going to do that with baby Charlotte at home as well 😉
      Hope the knee feels better soon !

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