To limp or not to limp?

After only 5 hours sleep on Friday night I met my mate Stu Foy for a run at 7am. We’d not been out for a few weeks, the last time was just after Christmas when I was feeling ill and had to abandon after a couple of miles. Thankfully this week I managed a little better.

It was a drizzly, nondescript sort of morning, the sort that you really want to spend in bed. We headed out along the cycle path to Morecambe where we proceeded to run along the sea-front. The wind was howling and I couldn’t see the Cumbrian hills through the rain cloud curtain that was drawn in the middle of the bay. I was feeling fine, we were chatting away and the run was going good. Things started to change as we headed past the Town Hall, I was suddenly aware of a growing burning sensation in my left leg. My achilles which has been playing up in recent weeks was soon throbbing like a male Mills & Boon character in a lustful entanglement.

As we reached the Trimpel cricket club I had to walk and stretch, my achilles was on fire and the flames had spread to  my dodgy left knee. Having taken a few minutes out I was able to continue home with one small detour via the leisure centre toilet. Stu was running really strongly and I was just hanging on for dear life. I managed to run 10.24 miles in 1.27, which in reality given the pain I was in wasn’t bad.
I got home, soaked in radox and applied ice. I spent the rest of the day limping around.

I rested on Sunday, felt guilty about missing training but knew that I had to be sensible. I also needed a lie-in as the lack of sleep was catching up with me, and actually overtaking me and heading off into the distance with a two-fingered salute.

So this all brings us to Tuesday when I finally ventured out running again. I walked the 3.5 miles to work and my leg felt fine, so I thought I’d chance a run after work. If I’m being honest I fully expected to have to stop and walk home but I felt really good and ended up doing a steady 8 miles in 1:14:01.
There was no pain, and I could walk fine all night without limping. The only thing I did different was wear my cho-pat knee strap, so maybe my achilles pain has been caused by my dodgy knee not tracking properly again when I run? I’m off to COLT running tonight, so I’ll report back and hopefully I’ll still be walking straight and not limping.

In book related news I did two further interviews for BBC Radio Stations last week, one in Cumbria and one in Lancashire. Both went well despite people again telling me that I sound posh, I think a lot of people need to buy new radios as there are some sound quality issues on their existing sets 🙂

I also appeared in two articles in local papers, the North West Evening Mail in Barrow ( my home town ) and the Lancaster Guardian ( where I now live ). The Lancaster Guardian actually put me on the front page, it must have been a very slow news day.

You can listen to the radio interviews and read the newspaper articles on two new pages that I’ve added to the blog under the heading BOOK.

They are Radio Interviews and In The Press…

Have a look or a listen if you have a spare few minutes. Have a good evening and if you go out running, don’t end up limping.


4 responses to “To limp or not to limp?

  1. Great read! I hate running following and during nagging injuries. It is an amazing feeling after being plagued by injuries and running injury free again..


  2. 12.57.20… Excellent Ironman!

    • Thank you bearrunner – very pleased with that but feel I have a sub 12 in me at some point, hopefully next year. Hopefully the injury is behind me, we’ll see…

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