Talking to the Forces

What a whirlwind morning it’s been as I’ve done two interviews for British Forces Broadcasting Service, a great radio station that broadcasts to our hard-working armed forces around the world. I feel quite honoured to have been given the chance to talk them.

My first interview was with Lynne Duffus on the breakfast show, Lynne was lovely and a great interviewer, made me feel really relaxed off air as we chatted briefly about the format of the interview. Then after I listened to 30 seconds of Take That I was on the air live around the world talking about my blog, the book and racing triathlon, and how the armed forces take part in Ironman and usually pass me on the bike and run. Obviously I haven’t heard it yet but I know I didn’t swear, Lynne had warned me about that – our soldiers obviously have sensitive ears 🙂
I talked about how the book came about, what the Ironman involved, how I got into it, my medical history and what inspires me to do such a tough event. I got off the phone and was grinning like a kid who’s just been told they are going to Disneyland, I just really enjoyed talking to Lynne, hopefully it shows in the interview.

No sooner had I put the phone down and it rang again, this time I was talking to Simon Marlow, BFBS Radio 2’s breakfast show host. Simon again chatted to me off air and with 30 seconds to go cut back live to introduce me as the last bars of a song I didn’t recognise played. Simon was a great interviewer, asking good questions and again making me feel relaxed. We pretty much discussed the same things, and hopefully his listeners will have enjoyed listening to me as much as I enjoyed speaking to them. I’m still smiling now.

You can listen to both shows on the BFBS listen again service, I’ll try to post direct links to the audio when I’ve had a listen later and can pin point it.

So thanks to the wonderful people at BFBS for having me on their shows, it was an honour and a pleasure. And if you are reading this as a result of the interviews and are in the forces serving around the world : Look after yourselves and stay safe.

It’s been a busy week in terms of media coverage. I was interviewed by my home town ( Barrow-in-Furness ) newspaper The Evening Mail and an article appeared in print on Monday night.  The Lancaster Guardian from my adopted hometown, Lancaster, interviewed me and an article will be in this Fridays edition.
They sent a photographer to take shots of me on Monday lunchtime on my bike. I was frozen in the hail and rain wearing shorts and my COLT cycling jersey. It all went well until I was just saying goodbye, I went to push-off with my leg to ride away, and my cleated foot slipped and I fell over. The photographer ( a keen cyclist ) picked me up and said “We’ve all done that” – I think he was just being kind, thankfully he’d put his camera away.

My achilles that was niggling me last week is still there but it doesn’t seem as bad. In fact on Sunday when I was back home on Walney Island I went for a run and recorded my fastest splits since 2009, averaging 8 min mile for the 5 miles with several at 7.30 pace. That has been a massive motivator and I’m hoping to build on that in the coming weeks.

Finally I’ll leave you with a photo I took in the Lancaster University branch of Waterstones. The card underneath the book really amused me, they obviously don’t think we librarians do any exercise.


The cheek of it

The cheek of it 🙂


One response to “Talking to the Forces

  1. Yet another excellent account of the days events with the radio interview being well presented and clear . Keep up the good work andy you trully are inspirational to more people than you realise.

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