The best weeks of my life

Today is January 25th, where the hell has the first month of 2011 gone? To be  honest it’s been one of the busiest of my life and my brain has been pretty much frazzled. So before I forget Happy New Year everyone, I hope that 2011 brings you health, happiness and great success in whatever goal you seek.

My world changed forever at 3.47am on Thursday 30th December when our first child entered the world after a pretty stressful couple of days. Charlotte Emma Holgate weighed a non too dainty 8lbs 7 oz and has continued to grow, she’s now 9lbs 4 oz. People have been saying she looks like her dad ( judge for yourself below ) something I hope for her sake she grows out of.

IronHolg Jnr

My little age-grouper Charlotte

So why did life change? Anyone who has kids won’t need me to answer that. But for those like me that didn’t, I’ll try and explain. I used to get that parents were proud, in love with their kids BUT I just didn’t get to what extent that feeling consumes everything you do. All of a sudden, nothing else maters as much to me as doing the best I can for Charlotte, my priorities have changed, and in all honesty I love it. Despite the lack of sleep, nothing picks me up more than a cuddle from my baby. I could watch her sleep for hours, it’s therapeutic – although in reality as soon as she closes her eyes I’m snoring as I try to find some much-needed shut-eye!

So the lack of energy and time ( there no longer seems to be as much time in a day – any other parents notice this? ) has been playing havoc with my training. Coupled with the fact that for the past 12 days I’ve been  suffering with a heavy cold, I’m feeling very lethargic. There’s nothing worse than not being fit enough to train.
I’ve not been swimming at all, finding the time to get to the gym hasn’t just happened. I’ve been out running a few times, averaging about 8.30 min miles, so the excess weight and lack of energy aren’t destroying me too much. I had to abandon my long run last week after 3.5 miles because my lungs were filling up with snot, and I was at risk of drowning on dry land.
I’ve been commuting to work and back on my bike and getting out for an hour a couple of times after work, deliberately targeting the hills in an attempt to burn more blubber and increase my leg strength. I’m going to need that strength as I’ve entered the Cleveland Steelman half IM in July, I’ve no aspirations to a time yet, it all depends on my ongoing health issues  (a future blog post) and how the training mixes with fatherhood.

Oh yeah I also officially became an author on the 1st January, it was a brilliant feeling finally seeing all of my hard work in print. The book has been very well received so far, which is great. But you’re probably bored now so I’ll write again about how the book has done, and my thoughts on it all.

So I’ve had the best weeks of my life, despite the bags under my eyes having their own postcode, I’m constantly grinning. Let’s hope that 2011 continues in the way that it began – only with more sleep.


3 responses to “The best weeks of my life

  1. Nice one ‘dad’, those best weeks turn into months and years. Enjoy it, 20 months in to mine and it gets stronger every day. Nice work dude.

  2. Congratulations! Great to hear the good news and how much you love being a dad! Yep, your next challenge over the next twenty years or so is juggling training with parenthood, but its definetly the most rewarding combinations of challenges you can get….so love every minute of it. Looking forward to reading the book.

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