It’s been an extremely frustrating week for a couple of reasons.

Firstly our baby was due on the 16th December, I think we both niavely expected it to arrive on time. We should have known better. I don’t think Em has ever been early for anything in her life so I’m thinking Baby Holgs is taking after it’s mother from an early age. SO 5 days later we are still waiting, every twinge, every kick brings an enquiry from me but so far the response is “Nope, it’s just a kick.”
And as it’s Em’s birthday today, I hope at least it doesn’t arive today, or on Christmas day.

The second cause of my frustration has been illness, I’ve been coughing up crap all week and as such have not been able to train. I’m not the best patient in the world and n ot being able to train just feels wrong but I’d have probably ended up hospitalizing myself if I’d attempted to train. An unusually mature and sensible approach from me.

After all I’m going to be responsible for another future Ironman in a few days, don’t want them to see their old man for the first time looking like death. Got to set a good example.

Anyways I want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, have a great time, enjoy the training but more importantly enjoy the festive family fun.


5 responses to “Frustration

  1. Holgs -I remember wating for our first daughter to be born -We stopped putting anything in the diary after the due date just assuming she would pitch up then -but she didn’t for two weeks -it was just a limbo time. My advice would be carry on as normal!

    Don’t worry about the training -I’m on enforced rest too -but we both know it matters not in the scheme of things.

    Have a great hols and I look forward to hearing news of baby holgs -whenever!


  2. Thanks for the very good advice Graham. What will be will be I guess.
    Have a great time and hope the injury heals up soon mate.

  3. All 3 of mine were induced after all 3 were a week late. Mind you all 3 were also over 9 pound at 9 10 10 3 and 10 10!

    If the bairn is still small enough to get through the “hole” and is not in distress just sit it out, if you really want induction it is toys out of pram time!

  4. Our Number One came 12 hours before induction was due -I used the trusted curry and a gin and tonic (figured alcohol didn’t matter at that stage in the pregnancy) method of induction -seemed to work!

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