Being Sociable

It was with some trepidation last night that I ventured out into the cold, frozen, wastelands of Lancaster, South of the River Lune.
Why it’s not that scary over there?” I hear you ask.
The fear wasn’t stemming from a dueling banjo type scenario but from a “Can I still cut it?” one.

I was making my return to COLT ( City of Lancaster Triathlon ) running training for the first time in six weeks. My absence was caused by the ever so useless ante-natal classes ( but enough about that, my wife reads my blog and I’ll be in trouble if I “go on”). So although I had the benefit of knowing how to show my in labour wife how to breathe properly – it’s pretty much the same as trying to run a 10k pb – I didn’t have the knowledge of if I’d be able to keep up with my club mates.
After all 6 weeks is a long time.
I needn’t have worried because once again the dangerous ice encrusted footpaths made any sort of interval /  speed work impossible. The four of us who had braved the freezing temperatures decided that we’d just have a sociable run instead, and it was great fun.

We weren’t messing about though as I still managed to cover 9 miles in an hour and twenty-five minutes. If I’d been running on my own I’d have probably called it a night after about 4 or 5 miles as I was so cold, but the beauty of having clubmates and training partners meant I couldn’t “wuss out” and go home early. So if you are struggling to find your motivation to get out and train, pop along to your local running club or triathlon club and try a bit of social exercise.

I thought that my legs would be trashed today and on the first part of my run at lunchtime they felt really heavy but once they’d warmed up I felt strong and rejuvenated, my garmin told me that my last mile was an 8.10. That’s the fastest I’ve run for a long time and it felt so easy.

So maybe just maybe – if I’m not in a labour suite next Wednesday night ( baby due Thursday ) – I’ll get to find out if I can cut it doing intervals with the club. Todays evidence gives me a bit more confidence.


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