Like Defrosting a Turkey

It’s a positively tropical 1 degree here today, that’s a full 9 degrees warmer than yesterday. I really can’t remember it ever being this cold, and I’ve been around a while.

The bad weather pretty much wrecked the local running scene as both the Ulverston 10k and the Guys 10 mile race were postponed because the roads and pavements were just too slippy. So my first race since the Outlaw in August has been rearranged for sometime in January. The plus side of that is I have a few more weeks to work on my speed, the downside is I probably won’t have the energy to race with the new little bundle of joy we’ll have at home then.

The Ulverston race was called off on the Saturday and I fully understood why when I went to get my paper early on Sunday morning. Walking down the road avoiding the visible ice, I nearly slipped twice on the unseen black ice. It was perilous enough walking, it would have been suicidal to attempt any running.  Instead I spent the day doing jobs like assembling a pram ( good job I read the instructions first ) and relaxing, sometimes you know it’s just nice not to train.

I only allowed myself one day off though, don’t want to slip into bad habits. Last night I met Andy H for a run and we did what is quickly becoming our usual campus run. The good thing is that the University has gritted all the pavements and roads, where as the council hasn’t, so it’s much safer. It was -4 degrees and breath-taking ( not in a WOW!!! sense, more a “Where’s the air to breathe” sense ). The cold made us run quicker, and we were a couple of minutes faster than we were last Thursday. Despite the thermal tights I had to stand in the shower thawing out my frozen thighs for ten minutes, each one looked like a frozen turkey. Now there’s an image I bet you could have done without?
Both feeling confident we’ve decided that we’ll meet up again on Friday if of course my running partner makes it back from Aberdeen. He’s supposed to be flying up there for work today.

I also spent the weekend breaking in new running shoes around the house, they’ve become my new slippers at the moment ( but more about those another day ).

Oh and I learned some new computing skills by creating a Facebook page for the book. Facebook has its own web coding language called FBML which allows page administrators to create custom tabs and graphics. I created a Welcome Tab, that I think looks pretty cool, I hope to build on that this week. Already 86 people have Liked the page, which is pretty good. Check it out.

Just over 3 weeks until Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run is in the shops, pre-sales are going well and it’s constantly at the top of Amazons biography pre-sales chart. Pitch also announced this week that they’ve signed a massive distribution deal with the leading book supply company in the States which means the book should be available in book stores over there as well ( already is at Amazon), although the launch date is June 2011 that side of the Pond. Am hoping to get my hands on a copy soon, the publisher is expecting delivery any day soon from the printers. Exciting.
And news emerged yesterday of a very exciting opportunity that might be coming my way in January, more on that when I’m allowed to say.

Right once again, if you are out running or cycling in this weather stay safe. And if you are swimming, make sure it’s indoors 😉


2 responses to “Like Defrosting a Turkey

  1. I may even read your book mate :¬)

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