Snow is falling

With all this snow about I’m feeling quite Christmassy (is that even a word ?) and it’s even snowing on my blog – try moving your mouse in a certain direction and the snow will follow (thanks to Catherine Caffeinated for the tip).

My legs and hips are feeling a bit trashed today after running 11 miles yesterday in sub-zero temperatures. I met Andy H and we ran carefully around campus covering just over 4 miles and averaging under 9 minutes a mile. The paths were mostly ok, but the quite campus road was clear of snow and ice so my Soloman goretex off-road shoes seemed a bit excessive, unlike my two thermal tops, pirate buff and gloves which all helped to keep my from turning blue with cold. However after leaving Andy to the warmth of the gym I had no choice but to run on the pavements, as there were too many cars on my way home. I was thankfully of my clunky, grippy and stable shoes because the pavements hadn’t been gritted and were very icy. If I’d had normal road running shoes on I probably would have slipped, having done so in January resulting in a broken wrist, I was fully aware of the dangers and my pace slowed drastically to about 10 minutes a mile. The steep hill up to Bowerham ( where my accident happened ) saw my pace drop to a pedestrian 11.05 minute mile, but better to be in one piece than home in minute earlier with a broken arm.

I was planning on racing in the Ulverston 10k road race this coming sunday but at the moment the organisers are undecided, and will make a decision tomorrow night after heavy snow on the course. It’s a shame but even if the race does go ahead is it really worth me risking an injury for a race I’m only using to gauge my progress? I’m not in 10k pb shape so why risk it?

So if you do go out running this weekend, take it easy, be careful and just remember at this time of year speed isn’t everything.


3 responses to “Snow is falling

  1. Common sense in the snow is required, I did 5 miles at lunchtime and found myself focussing on how I pick my feet up. It is interesting in a sad obsessed runner sort of a way.

    Keep blogging :¬)

    • I was the same last night, really concentrating on placing my feet firmly, when I normally run I wouldn’t even give it a second thought.
      Thanks, I will do 😉

  2. I always have to concentrate really hard just to get one foot in front of the other these days

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