Comfy Shoes ?

Winter seems to have arrived both early and with a vengeance as they say ( whoever “they” are ? ) in the United Kingdom. The surprising thing is that we seem to have gotten away lightly here. As I type there is a light dusting on the ground and it’s very icy but in comparison to the North East ( not too far away ) it’s like someone’s sprinkled icing sugar here on top of the cake instead of in casing it in proper icing.

The weather though was a factor at the weekend as Andy H and I opted to run instead of riding ( sorry Coach if you read this ). I actually wore tights for the first time this winter and I was glad of them as it was uncomfortably cold running along the iced up coastal path. I was also very glad of my new thermal top that I’d bought in the 90 degree heat of the South of France ( probably why it was cheap ) back in August. It came from the French retailer Deacthlon, and I’m very impressed with it, fleeced lined, wind proof and all for the amazing price of 17 euros.
On one of the forums I frequent I’m teased – and that’s being polite – for being a “comfy shoe wearing librarian”, I can’t remember how it started but it’s stuck. So on Sunday I lived up to my reputation by being comfortable, and I also opted for comfortable shoes to solve a recent problem.

After the Outlaw I retired my running shoes and reverted back to my old favourites, the Asics Nimbus, described by another runner as “sofas for your feet”. From that description I’m sure that you can ascertain that these are indeed “comfy shoes”. However they’ve been crippling me, after every run both of my Achilles tendons have been really sore. So with it being both I’m guessing it’s not an injury? The shoes just feel heavier and more constrictive around the heel than the previous model, don’t you just hate it when your favourite shoe manufacturer messes with your favourite model? So before Sundays run I inserted heel wedges into my shoes, thus raising my Achilles by approx 1cm. It seemed to work because I felt no pain whilst running and none since. Hopefully this will have solved the problem and I can resume running pain-free.

Of course there is another theory as to what is causing the pain, and I’d be interested to hear from any dads out there on this one. My wife is due to give birth any day now and as such is feeling very heavy, so understandably she is literally walking at a snail’s pace. I’ve modified my usually brisk walking pace to this ultra slow shuffle, and my legs ache as a result. Could this change in walking be the cause of my Achilles pain and not the running? Anyone else suffered with this?

So Sundays run was a success, we averaged just under 9 minutes a mile, which is great as it’s only a week or so since Andy H was green lit to run again after his injury. We talked about getting back up to speed and getting some longer runs in as we both hope to be on form for next years Tri Season.

So if you do venture out into the icy wastelands make sure you wrap up warm and above all else wear “comfy shoes”.


9 responses to “Comfy Shoes ?

  1. An interesting idea about the shuffle causing pain. I currently run 6 – 7 times a week – however, three of those are with a slower runner and I modify accordingly. I noted to a fellow runner the other day that my legs are heavier than ever and frequently feel as if I have just run a marathon – and I do find those slower runs more taxing than my own pace runs.

    I have come to the conclusion that constantly being in “braking” mode is tiring me out in a way that I had not foreseen!

  2. Comfortable Shoes

    we should always wear shoes that are comfortable and right size for our feet

  3. I really shouldn’t laugh but can’t believe your “Comfy Shoes” are not comfortable.

    Regards running/walking slower – sorry to say it but beyond your stride being a little shorter you should strive to move the same way at any speed.

  4. Holgs, Everything I know about Triathlon I was taught by the masters in “the smell of 220”. Therefore I know the following…


    I am waiting for another worthwhile book to be published but as of yet have been disappointed. Have you got any suggestions?

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