Winter Cleaning

Well as it’s November I can’t really claim that I’ve been Spring cleaning can I ?

I’ve given the blog an overhaul, what do you mean you hadn’t noticed? A new theme, a new page about the book and an updated and more concise page about my past races. I’ve still got a few more changes to implement but hopefully the new look makes it easier to read things.

I’ve been in a reflective mood all week, I suppose turning 38 does that to you….but at least I’ll never be as old as Gobi.  I actually spent most of my birthday on the maternity ward as Em started having contractions the night before ( played havoc with my weekends training plan ) but IronHolgs Jnr still hasn’t put in an appearance.

My training schedule from my coach has started to focus on my desire to get quicker over the 10k distance. A key session for the next 4 weeks will be a progressive interval session, they are tough. I don’t know about you but I’m really not a fan of treadmill running, it’s a bit like turbo training, I know it’s doing me good but so does cod liver oil. I guess what I’m trying to say is it is a necessary evil rather than a joy. Hopefully though come the summer when I’m smashing my pb I’ll have a new-found love of the conveyor belt, if not the scenery it provides.

On a positive note I’ve actually managed two runs this week with Andy H. He’s just coming back from a long-term injury and has been waiting on new orthotics arriving to allow him to run again, so far so good. We ran just short of 5 miles together on both Monday and Tuesday evening, our once regular runs are now somewhat of a rare treat these days as he spends most of the week working away. So it felt good to catch up and to listen to his jokes, none of which I can repeat here. We ran steady, mindful that he’d only ran about 2 miles in the past few months, but still averaged under 9 mins a mile. A figure that I was struggling to run back in August, now it felt comfortable, and this was after an hour of badminton.

The hour of badminton on Tuesday led to a school boy error on my part. Monday nights run had been cold and I was suitably attired with thermal top, gloves, gillet etc. Tuesday was another story. In the course of losing 3-1 at badminton in a heated sports hall the sweat was pouring out of me like I was a sieve. Figuring I’d be too hot in anything else other than my sweaty t-shirt and shorts I headed straight out for my run, 45 minutes later I needed the hot jets of the gym shower to bring me back to life. I was frozen, not surprising when my cars thermometer said -2 and I had to de-ice it before going home. So the winter gear is now permanently out and will be worn, I won’t be making that error again.

Looking on the bright side we’ve not got any snow here yet, so hopefully I’ll be able to get out on the bike at the weekend, unless of course I end up back at the maternity ward.


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