The wait is almost over

Sorry it’s been a while since I last updated my blog, a mixture of illness, training and moonlight blogging for Triathlete Europe magazine, along with decorating, conferences and baby stuff shopping means I’ve been too knackered to blog……crap excuse I know but I’m sticking to it.

If you want to catch up on what I’ve been doing in the last few weeks please read my TE Blog here

So if you clicked on that link above you’ll have read that I was suffering with a heavy cold, that destroyed my last couple of weeks of big training targets. I never got do a 100 mile ride as planned because I couldn’t walk to get the Sunday paper without gasping for breath, but I’m feeling happy that I have the miles in my legs, my arse cheeks are at one with my saddle and the ROO will carry me forward purring like cheetah. It would have been good to get a ton ride in but I’ve got plenty of 70-80 mile rides in.

The build up to the Outlaw seems to have been going on for ever but the weeks have been flying by of late, now I just want to get in the water and get going. I’m sure anyone who has ever done an Ironman or spent hours training for a marathon will know that feeling. Everything I’ve done over the past year in terms of training has all been for Sunday 8th August, there is no other date, it’s time to prove myself once again.

People have been asking me “Are you ready?” There is only one answer. “YES”
I’m not sandbagging when I say it’s been the worst year I’ve had in terms of build up and preparation for this Ironman – mostly because of all the winter months I dedicated to writing my book, followed by a fractured wrist and the major distraction of marathon training. Sat doing nothing except writing and rewriting for a couple of months saw me put on over a stone in weight, ironic really. Then the enforced inactivity in January didn’t help. I’m about a stone heavier than I was at Frankfurt last year ( that’s not good ) but there’s nothing I can do about that now. I’m positive though that taking away the excessive heat from last years marathon section I’ll be able to beat my time of 12:57. I have to believe that, or else there is no point starting. There is no room for negativity when it comes to racing Ironman. Negativity will eat you up, spit you out and leave you wondering what could have been. That’s not for me.

I had a crap swim last Monday, it caused taper jitters but I’ve followed that up with a couple of good runs and with one week to go I’ll just keep ticking over with a swim, a run and a gentle bike ride to just test everything is lubed and working properly ( the bike, not me ).

I’m off to watch IMUK tomorrow and hope to be inspired as my COLT clubmates and very good friend, and fellow Pirate, Dave The Ex-Spartan, battle  with the 140.6 mile course. I shall be meeting up with Min and Viking, and enjoying the race. I decided not to race and go to Nottingham the week after, BUT I’ll have goosebumps tomorrow out on the course. Good luck to everyone. Race hard, Race safe.

The Outlaw is going to be brilliant, I mean it has a hooters feedstation ( how mad is that ? ) but more importantly it’ll have a Pirate aid station. I’ve been promised some special abuse from Viking, Lea the Pea and several others. I almost crashed the bike at the Big Woody when Barley was playing the Theme from Captain Pugwash, I wonder what will be in store next week?
To make matters more interesting myself and fellow Pirate, Fat Buddha, are partaking in the “Donut Challenge” – whoever wins owes the other one donuts. I reckon he’s done loads of training and will be going sub 10, and is pulling a fast one. Still I like a challenge, and I’ll give him a good run for his money.
It will be also interesting to see how my cousin Mike fairs in his first Ironman, his training volume has been phenomenal and if his knee holds up on the run I think he’ll be at the sharp end of 11 hours.  And whilst riding I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for my friend Broccers, who will be putting the demons of her DNF at IMUK last year firmly behind her, but I’ll also be hoping she doesn’t beat me as well. Sorry Broccers.
The whole race will feel friendly with lots of family and friends supporting and a multitude of Pirates and Hotel Tri Bastardos peeps out racing. It’ll be a blast.

Right that’s enough waffle, I’ll be back in a few days with my final thoughts and feelings as I prepare to become an Outlaw.

I can’t bloody wait.


6 responses to “The wait is almost over

  1. hey its rob sellers from the colt club we coming down on sat for the weekend to watch the event, we will hopfully be camping, whats your race number so we can cheer you on.

  2. Hi Rob,

    I’m number 293 and will be wearing my usual bright yellow pirate top.
    Thanks very much, any encouragement or in fact abuse will be much appreciated .


  3. thanks for getting back in touch, are you camping.

  4. sent you an email rob.

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